Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So, I Will Let This Go With 2012! But, I Will Keep...

...Some Activities And Commitments For 2013!
I have been nagging our pet about talking to me for about a decade. An expert observed that a senior dog has at least a ten word vocabulary but our pet has never said a word to me, that I can understand.

This month included a revelation so simple I am embarrassed I have not grasped this before now. Tuffie, our pet dog, is a Shitz-Zu, Chinese origin. CHINESE! He does not speak Texan and apparently does not care to learn; and I do not speak Mandarin and have no desire to learn. Even though we have "spoken" to each other for years, you can see the obvious problem.
So, I will let this go!
There are items I "connect" with and offer suggestions for improvements, I feel are necessary. An organization I belong to has a website that has not been fully operational in its 20+ year existence. Over the decades, I have offered my observations, assistance, and suggestions for improvements, none of which were accepted or appreciated. Sometimes, I am REALLY, REALLY slow to get the fundamental goal of their No's, which is to shut up, leave us alone, go away.
So, I will let this go!
Living a successful Christian life is simple, once we understand HOW. The HOW is difficult because the lifestyle goes against our basic nature. Studying, learning and applying the laws, themes, guidelines and principles written in the Word of God (The Christian Bible) is simple, easy and difficult. For example:
  • We have a variety of translations to simplify our reading the text.
  • Reading can be easy enough BUT understanding what we are reading and how to apply it is often the difficulty. Some text requires knowledge of the time and cultural activity to correctly understand and apply stated principles.
  • So WHY is it typically soooo DIFFICULT?
    1. Our basic, flawed nature causes us to resist the flawless way of God.
    2. Everyone, E V E R Y O N E, is dysfunctional/flawed, skewed, distorted in our way of thinking, understanding and applying. Yes! You ARE!
    3. Everyone that mentors us are flawed and their instructions to us are biased by their mentors, parents, friends, teachers, etc.
    4. After 20 years, as a practicing Christian, I learned and admitted my application of the love, mercy and patience of God for myself and to others has been and probably will always be distorted by what I have seen and heard from mentors.
    5. Many of us, including myself, have learned is there is logically or spiritually no other doctrine or God than the Christian Bible and the Christian God and his Son for LIFE here and forever.
I will keep doing this!
Back to Tuffie (also known as The Tuffer, Tuff, BooBoo Brown, and Dog). One night, I closed our bedroom door, I lay down and turned out the light. A short time later, the door opened letting light into the room. I thought Connye had entered but nothing happened. I gradually turned over toward the door and there he was, standing in the room with the bedroom door wide open.
As I lay looking at him, pondering WHAT?, his stance and facial appearance seemed to say, "WHY is this door closed? I didn't close this door! If I want the door closed, I Will close it!" We looked at each other, for a moment, then he turned back into the living room and left.
He still does this. There is no conflict between him and I as long as the door is left open OR I expressly explain what will happen if he opens it. If I do not make it clear what I want he will sit down and start scratching the door.
He will sit and with one front paw, scratch the door twice, wait several seconds and repeat. If we have not opened the door or thrown a pillow in his direction, he will switch paws. When he gets tired, he will lay down, on his back, do his nails and scratch with his rear paws. It is worse than dripping water but often I will lay on the bed, reading a book, and see how long he will last.
When he gets a book, I open the door.
He and I will keep doing this!
I have struggled financially all my life, including 33 years as a Christian,  and the problem was my fault making dumb, bad and irresponsibly decisions. Solomon was the wisest man in the world, yet made incredibly bad and immoral decisions. Demas was a Christian but gave up the life for the temporary pleasure of this life - bad decision.
Dumb, bad and irresponsible decisions are, unfortunately part of our lives, regardless of our best intentions and efforts. The key is to keep learning and trying to improve our selves.
Choosing poverty is not a Biblical concept, although being poor or in poverty can and does happen to many. Being poor or living in poverty does not signify a person is not Christian but it also does not mean people should deny moral or Christian opportunities to improve.
At 66 years, I have improved my learning about wealth, thinking about prosperity, and application of successful principles. I understand and accept the concept of every person having their particular view of what wealth or prosperity is.
Mine includes:
  • a healthy family,
  • family members with Christian or moral life styles,
  • healthy family and friend relationships,
  • enough money to pay cash for needs and purchase extras,
    • house/home
    • autos
    • vacations
  • excess money to keep checking and saving accounts full.
  • excess money, time and effort for giving to charities and other needs.
I will keep trying this!
Before we married, I developed a routine/habit of:
  • randomly buying gifts for my wife; a flower, chocolate covered strawberries, a card, bunch of flowers, etc.,
  • random foot and back massages,
  • dusting house, vacuuming, emptying dishwasher,
  • doing small errands: at the store, bank, and post office.
Doing these things and telling her often, that I love her, keeps our relationship fresh.
When she sends me to the store with a list, I buy something for the Dog too.
I will continue doing these things!
Tuffie has a routine day and night of sitting down and staring at us, when he needs to Hang and Drain. Daylight hours, he gruffs a couple of times to get our attention and after bed time, he comes in, taps on the end of the bed and looks around each corner to see who is responding.
If we do not respond to the tapping/scratching, he comes to the side of the bed and attempts to RIP THE SHEETS OFF. It his is quiet method of telling us I HAVE TO GO! Who ever gets up must get approval for any accomplishment:  
  • He prefers the front yard because of the view.
  • No rain or sprinkling is permitted and the ground cannot be wet.
  • If any questions arises, we must go off the porch and out to the driveway or into the yard to demonstrate how DRY it is.
  • Tuff will then proceed to a designated spot to listen and observe the neighbor hood Right and Left.
  • A person, dog or trash bag will produce loud frantic barking until the offenders leave. If he sees a cat or rabbit, he disappears in Warp speed chasing them.
  • Of course, we just stand around (2-4 AM) encouraging some progress. Once all is approved and privacy is determined, we are blessed with a Hang and Drain or Pop and Drop.
  • Once done, we all return contentedly back to our previous sleeping spots.
Yes, This will continue also!
I will also:
God's spirit is every where, his spirit is in us, and his angels minister in our behalf. He has provided for our families and friends every day of 2012 in every way. Whatever the future holds, God will see us through each event as we arrive.
Keep your faith, learn more about what captures your interest, look for good friends and be thankful for every thing.
God bless you to do your part to make this a better year for yourself and others.

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