Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Problem Is Not The Problem; Your Attitude...

about the problem is the problem. Johnny Depp "Pirates of the Caribbean". I was reading a FB post about guns by folks that like guns and most comments were polite. BAM, an insulting comment appeared. I clicked on the comment taking me to his FB page and then wondered Why? this person was on the gun post.

Back to the original FB and another comment asked the same question and observed the only comment with insulting and abusive language was this person. Since this person did not like guns OR their owners, what was the reason this person would seek out and insult innocents?

I have always enjoyed weapons (missiles, guns, knives and swords) and impressed by those proficient in their use. My wife does not have the same feelings therefore I have never had one, much less a collection. I have also learned to avoid discussions with certain people because these can get very ugly.

ONE other reason, I do not keep weapons for defense is MY REASON. One day, during a small social event, a guy and I mentioned weapons and then enjoyed a brief conversation about them and their use. In our conversation, we discovered a shared concern that our reason for having a weapon for defense was not completely for defense.

God dealt with both of us that he was our defense and our reason for having a weapon was to shoot someone. Now I know about all the "reality" reasons for having a way to defend home and self. I also researched how to use the powers available to us from God for our protection. Biblical and secular history records people, including Jesus, using other resources to protect and save themselves from physical harm.

I lock and use the alarms in our house and auto, yet have experienced home and auto burglaries, and was angry and wanted the person(s) HURT. Recently, I mistakenly left the auto key in the door of our Honda as we went shopping. We returned an hour later to our vehicle and experienced a range of emotions, including thankfulness to God, that our Pilot was still there.

Later, I reminded Connye that as God took care of our truck, he takes care of other important things in our life such as; finances, home and vehicle maintenance, federal, state and property taxes.

Now, I ask you to think about a concept.
People, proficient with weapons, study their weapons, train with them often, and know the particular/best use of each one. God listed Gifts of the Spirit, Fruit of the Spirit and why to use his NAME. I suggest to you if we:
  • maintain an active relationship with Jesus,
  • study the use of his Gifts, Fruit and Name,
  • train with each regularly,
  • become proficient in the method of use of each item,
we will discover defenses and methods of protection more effective than a pump 10 gage shotgun. We also MUST LEARN WHEN WE CAN USE EACH ONE.
  • claim promises not meant for us,
  • use any Gift or His Name any time we desire,
  • use God's Word OUT OF CONTEXT.
Because we so often do each of the above, we become confused, frustrated, and discouraged. Non Christians observing us get confused as well and some believe its all a fake. We are permitted to do everything Jesus did during his ministry BUT we MUST do what he did to be able to do what he did.
I have watched National Geographic planet and animal channels for several years and received quite and education. For my point, I will ignore the normal evolutionary comment by the shows narrators. Animal, Insect, Fowl, and Fish groups display incredible communication abilities, intelligence, engineering and navigation skills, as well as defensive moves.
Each kingdom is designed for balance (what some call natural selection) so that weather or predators filter out weak and sick creatures. The statement that the strong survive and win is not always true. Sometimes the victim drives off the larger predator, which is amazing to watch; the victim "mans up" and defies the attacker. We are the only creatures that have a moral/immoral rating. Nothing the fish, fowl, mammals or insects do has a moral/immoral value. They are  amoral. I suspect you understand why.
The other kingdoms have no will just ingrained instinct. We are given a Sovereign Will to choose what we will do and how. You and I have the opportunity, as long as we live, to use resources to achieve what we were created and designed for. I am still gaining knowledge and understanding at 66 and will respond to my Master more readily to accomplishment all God wants and all I desire.
Let us have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy, Prosperous, and Exciting New YEARS to come. 
God bless you,
Heal you,
Prosper you, and
Most Importantly - Visit You!!

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