Sunday, August 19, 2018

Trust Me, I'm Your Doctor....EXCEPT...

When You Become Addicted!!!

I am not going to blame the medical community for my dependency on Prescription Drugs BUT I WILL share the credit, with them. 

Recently, my wife and I changed doctors due to severe health changes and in the process agreed I was dependent/addicted to my prescriptions drugs. 

First, definitions: from Merriam Webster online dictionary.


1the quality or state of being dependentespecially : the quality or state of being influenced or determined by or subject to another
2: drug addiction - developed a dependence on painkillers 

1: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (such as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; broadly : persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful

My journey began approximately 2002, "with the best of intentions". My first wife, Jane, was diagnosed with cancer and I had worked part time with a friend doing construction, for several years. Jane, of course, experienced surgery, chemo therapy and pain killers. Eventually, I requested anxiety medicine to help cope with all the challenges of a Caregiver and my PCP agreed. 

Pain from the injuries from my full time job and the part time construction began to increase and my PCPs and other doctors taught me techniques of OTC pain meds. For example, two of a given pill is the OTC recommended dose but double that and you have the "prescription" dose. 

Eventually, due to increasing injuries, I was promoted to prescription medication. Jane was always concerned she would become addicted to her pain killers but the doctors assured her that was not a problem. I encouraged her, the cancer would probably kill her before she would experience any dependency. 

During this time, I was contracting to various hospitals and had contact with nurses and doctors. I would ask them about the probabilities of a person becoming dependent or addicted and would always hear, just be careful and stop using them when you do not need them. 

NOTE: Think about that advice. Ever have anyone tell you soft drinks are bad for you? How about those Thanksgiving or Christmas family get togethers and you hear, "Now don't eat too much or you will get sick." and hours later you are miserable from that last LARGE piece of pie. 

Anyway, my PCP prescribed the leading pain killer (1 every 4-6 hours or As Needed) and reminded me we would stop the medication when the pain was gone. What do you do when the Pain is CHRONIC.....ON GOING....DOES NOT GO AWAY? WHOOPS!!!

NOTE: When you become dependent/addicted to a legal or illegal drug(s) and quit taking them, the Original Pain is combined with or replaced by Withdrawal Pain, which can be more painful. NOW, you have to make a decision! 

When I suspected I was becoming dependent, OR WAS DEPENDENT, I asked those prescribing the pills what I should do. To my surprise, I kept hearing, "No, no, you are fine, do you need a refill?" 

Now I have a great doctor that agreed I AM  dependent and is processing me off. She and our pharmacist all agreed that the government is informing the medical community that beginning January 2019 they are going to cut off all opioids. Think about the addicts that have experienced this during the past 60 years, or more, and you might imagine the VIOLENCE that is about to rain on AMERICA.

I have observed people get verbally and physically violent, being overcharged for chewing gum, someone parking in front of their mail box, being told their insurance will not cover their prescription, etc.; and that was for a known ONE time, Temporary situation.

I took a short break writing this blog....about 2 weeks and in the process experienced 3 minor heart attacks requiring two stents. One was installed with one to be installed. I learned the difference between Minor and Major/Massive heart attack is one you live and one you die. Btw. the medical community call them Cardiac Events, among other Latin terms. My wife experienced a Cardiac Event earlier this year requiring major heart surgery. She is doing great.

Soooo, at this moment, a heart attack trumps withdrawal, to me.

Recently, watching the telly, I saw a famous Olympian swimmer describing his depression and treatment. World famous Olympian or ordinary person can experience struggles on the same level that we might not think would ever happen to the Wonderful People.

IF you suspect you MIGHT be dependent, I suggest searching until you find a professional that will help you. There are varying degrees/intensities of dependencies and although some have gone Cold Turkey and done well, that may NOT be your case.

Have a wonderful 2018 and CLEAN 2019.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Let's Wrap This Up - My List

Rethinking My Thinking, Angela Mackey
Bridging the Gap Africa
The Pastor’s Blog, Charles R. Swindoll
Exodus Road, Matt and Laura Parker
Bible Studies, Ken Raggio
Life Coaching, Tsh Oxenreider 
Author, Writer, Speaker, Recovering Know-It-All, Sarah Bessey
Bossy Mom, Susan E. Hill

The list are at the top of a long list of blogging people having influenced my life and those I know. Others are not listed because:

  1. I did not ask their permission to publicize their name
  2. They are not public writers and therefore, you might not be able to see or hear them unless you attended their church or private seminars. 
These people are non the less very important to my life and many others. They have wisdom, patience, life experiences that could relate to most of the population; storms, illness, abuse, dysfunction, disaster, etc. 

What I have observed during the past decade among these people I know about in one form or another, is how life has changed them and ME. 

WOW! 2017!!!

Natural disasters of every type, human made disasters of every kind, and their emotional impact on everyone. We band together to help (as much as we can) each other and in many circumstances ask ourselves and "the experts", What happened and Why????

I am a practicing, professing Christian and these events challenge me to fall in the Word of God (Bible), pray/converse/ask/communicate with God to know how to handle the specific ones I, my family, neighbors and people in our area experience. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas find many of us recovering from SOMETHING. In all of this, I believe the Call to Find Something Good to be Thankful for. When I was sitting in our House Cave, talking to my daughter as the repairman worked on our AC system, I wondered HOW it was going to be repaired. 

Then, I thought of: 
  • Bridging the Gap (building bridges in native villages) working in foreign countries to help save people walking across streams. 
  • Exodus Road staff saving and relocating children and adults from human sex trafficking.
  • TED talks and the incredible people that open their lives to help others adapt or recover to some of life's most challenging situations or just how to improve your speaking skills. 
  • Blogs, sermons, books, internet streaming and YouTube channels provide exposure to incredible thoughts, suggestion, comments on how to live or rebuild your house/car/bicycle. 
There is SO MUCH to offer, if you just try. 

BUT, you say, I cannot write our build or travel. 

CAN you get a pen/pencil and paper and write a note to an author or speaker telling then how much they helped you? SURE YOU CAN! You local stores sell envelopes and stamps. The Post Office will actually sell One Envelope and One Stamp to put your note in. 

Recently, a person told me, REPEATEDLY, how she never won a lottery or had any talents and life was such a struggle. Later, my wife told me, that person just sold a house she could not climb the stairs anymore and paid cash for the one we were standing in. She has a better, prettier home in a beautiful neighborhood and the few items needing repair or replacement can easily be handled by help from family or friends. 

OH, YES, regarding our home. Nine 9 inches of water had two days to soak and ruin everything touching the floor. Our power remained on the entire storm and after and remained below the electrical plugs. The AC kept running drying out our house. We have appliances (frig, oven, bath, toilet) that sustain living and our mattresses were kept above the flood by their frames. 

SO, unhappy? Yes. Thankful? YES! Have spent four months with family (which, honestly, is always a strain on everyone) I mean, OMG, FOUR MONTHS of everyone's schedules being disrupted in some form. They have and are Gracious Hosts and gone to great lengths to make our stay as comfortable for all us. We have had visitors for up to one week (5 days) and were happy when the time came for Normal to return. FOUR MONTHS!!!

any way....2017 You have been a Monster. I am thankful it was NOT worse but REJOICE you are leaving!!!!

2018....REMEMBER YOUR MANNERS!!! Please.

And to ALL the Writers, Speakers, Workers of every sort, Keep doing what you are called to do, you have encouraged Many, MANY people, most of all...ME!!

God bless. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Do I have the Right/Privilege to know?

When I think and write about life and questions that arise because we do not understand or know information about our lives, I focus on Christian philosophy. I know more about Christianity than all the other religions, which is to say I do NOT know very much. People have studied the Bible and related material all their lives (50 years, 80 years, 125 years) and concluded, at their end, they barely knew God or how he works. 

AND they Definitely did NOT understand Christians!

In the Bible book Genesis and Exodus, God focused on individuals to mold and save nations, primarily Israel. He focused on Pharaoh and Moses, in one account, to prepare his people Israel and to announce himself to the Egyptians. 

Pharaoh and Moses had HUGE egos and massive tempers. One eventually destroyed a nation, while the other set free a nation; because ONE rejected and defied God and ONE accepted and obeyed God. 

Moses could have returned to Egypt, announced God's plans, packed everyone and left. He COULD have, but God told him, this is going to take some time because I want to save more than My People.

Pharaoh COULD have told Moses and all Israel to Get Out NOW and the entire event would have been over in about a month. BUT he did NOT! God had hand picked this man to be the Key to the year long display of God's power and control over Earth. 

Here is my point: Parts of your and my life may be flowing smooth as greased glass while other parts are moving as if mired in Winter mud. Consider the following: 

  • Part of your life ONLY involves you
  • Part of your life involves another person or people
God told Moses, I will send you to Pharaoh to deliver my people Israel BUT he will not let you/them go. THEN I will display my power/control of their gods and this Earth. Moses and Pharaoh both had a huge tempers and egos, while the entire Nations of Egyptians and Israelis were basically watching God perform and these two men react. 

Christians often/regularly ask God to use them/us but our understanding of the consequences of our requests is so limited that we (like Moses and Pharaoh) end up re-asking God, WHY is this taking so long or happening like this? WHAT is going on?

Hurricane Harvey comes to the USA for a visit. Half a million people suffer mild to complete devastation, and others are not touched. Some are victims in need and others are Caregivers with resources to aid victims. News reporters observe how the best and worst surfaces when people undergo severe stresses and we focus on the Best because we REALLY want to Be Good and Do Good and Help our Neighbor. 

In that process is God, working to improve us and help us improve. Sometimes, the Victims become the Caregivers as "tools" to improve/purge/cleanse/educate/refine those taking care of them. One home is repaired in days or weeks, while another takes months, and the delays begin to look as if SOMEONE is directing the slow downs. 

While reading a novel or watching a movie, we are often given clues to the Plot which allows us to "engage" ourselves in the rationale of the characters and author(s). This Freedom of Information also, to some degree, causes us to "feel" in control and agree/disagree with the plot and outcome. LIFE does not always grant us such freedom. In fact, Very OFTEN we are blind to the What and Why of our scenarios as they play out. 

I have a carnal/flesh/resistant spirit/attitude/nature which make me fight what is happening in my life without my permission. Prayer/confession/humility and asking forgiveness gradually realigns me with God and we move forward (his pace, his direction) and I learn. 

Remember Pharaoh? He proclaimed, "I do not know your God and do NOT have to obey him." That statement is not entirely correct. He was governing GOD's people and they were praying/studying/conversing people about their God. Pharaoh HAD TO KNOW SOMETHING about Moses's God. Remember WHERE Moses originally came from?

SO, if you are in the Tool part of your Play and you think the other performers are ignorant of Your God, I suggest that may NOT be the case. God CHOSE Pharaoh and put him on the throne to Use Him; and I am persuaded to CHANGE him. Ask God which part are you playing in this scheme (and how well are you performing). 

NOTE: Personally, I am not doing well (in my opinion). 

When these times are over, I believe we will observe a deliverance on the scale of the Exodus (in a Spiritual/Emotional/Health sense) in our families, neighbors, towns and nation. Also, consider that a mixed multitude left Egypt with Israel to serve their God; but that mixed multitude was also emotionally and spiritually mixed up. 

If you have ever searched for THE perfect Church? It DOES NOT EXIST!!!

BUT the imperfect ones that work together to serve God and each other Do VERY well and have for thousands of years. We are almost there (End of Time) sort of concept, so let's give these remaining years our absolute best. We HAVE MUCH TO GAIN!

Closing out 2017 with anticipation of 2018 wonders and blessings and growth. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

ONE 1/4 Inch Hose

Have you ever thought of how much water/fluid can flow through a 1/4" water line? Valve fully open, unchecked, water pressure here approximately 50 psi. Inside a home, it is enough to wreak havoc.

Let's imagine 1 hour. I tried to find a calculator to determine the volume flow but for this blog, it was too much effort.  I will say, whether you have 1/2" of water covering 100 sq ft or 9' covering 1,700 sq ft, it's a nightmare. Tear up flooring, remove X inches high dry wall, drill holes in studs to air out the flooring, turn on multiple fans that simulate a Large military cargo aircraft; you probably have a good visual by now.

I commented to Connye, my wife, that standing water for two days or 1 hour is virtually the same destruction; maybe one more mold here and there but mox nix.

Looking at the aftermath and water reparation demo, I almost cried, hurting for my relatives. YET, if the flow had not been discovered and continued for, say, 5 more hours, their home would be in the same state of destruction as ours, due to Harvey.

Equality. We have our caste system in america but catastrophic events can bring a sense of equality to a family, neighborhood, city or nation, so fast you cannot calculate it. Saint/Sinner, Poor/Wealthy, Ill/Healthy, there are situations that can equalize our standing with Life and each other.

Our community has a social media page for neighborhood communication. I asked the status of my neighbors to get an idea where our home repair was in relation to others in our area. The replies have been encouraging, to me, because I can relate my progress to others and consider we are all moving forward in approximately the same speed for similar reasons.

Visiting neighbors on the sidewalk, or standing against a tree or just talking loud across the street, is a form of venting. Even though we cannot help each other, just knowing that the intent to help is present is also a forma of therapy. Being a Christian or not becomes a mute point, in times like these. We help each other because they are our neighbor; because they need help, as we do and because there is a basic sense of compassion to help that person pull their ox out of the ditch.

In time, all this will be a distant memory (memories) but the pain and grief will surface to remind us how fragile we all are. I recall the proclamations of those with Egos and/or Titles how Perfect they are In All Things and I know that ONE incident can change their magnificent selves into a humble, broken, possibly homeless lowly human. Am I anticipating this horrific change so I can gloat? No.

There is a sadness just thinking what these people are missing as they gaze down on us, from their lofty tower of greatness. A person wrote, "It's better to take a lower position/chair/seat and have others promote you than to proclaim your wonder, before all and someone/something bring you down in front of the crowd.

When we are recovered from this storm and all it contains, I do not want to forget My Need of My Neighbors, Strangers, Family and especially my GOD; His Word, His Spirit, His Love and Mercy and Compassion and Presence in the sound and shape of, "Can I help you? I have some cold water, would you like a drink? We have hot pizza, are you hungry and would you like a sandwich?"

Almost three full months. I may have mentioned that I asked God to help us return to our home in December 2017. It's not a command, or "Your Word Says.....". It's just a humble request to my loving Father to help my family and bring relief to our benefactors that opened their home to us.

One of my neighbors observed behavioral changes in our neighbors and the absence of laughter, friendly wave and it disturbed him that this Storm may have hurt us in a negative way. We both thought about that and decided Only Time and Faith and Healing will reveal how we personally recover.

I worked in UTMD for several years and trauma, whether from certain types of illness, war wounds, death can go deep into your emotions and spirit. I also noticed the Children Patients and their ability to rebound, laugh, encourage themselves and each other. Their Simplicity and Innocence and Trust and Love would continually revive their Joy and Forgiveness and Hope in their Future.

A man once noted to a group of adults, "Unless you become as little children..." Unless you surrender your hardness, bitterness, anger and become innocent, forgiving, loving, tender, merciful, caring, you WILL not survive." The ONLY way we can survive the difficulties and hardness and evil of life is to become as little children; Respect one another, respect and obey righteous laws, confess our sins and forgive ourselves and each other.

Well, I will let you know what the 2nd week of this December has for my wife and I. I pray this Christmas becomes truly a time of Worship, Family get together's, Joy and LOTS of laughter.

FORGET the gifts that drain your bank accounts and overflow your credit cards, just send us and each other LOVE.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


November 14. 2017 and we are still living with are hundreds, if not thousands, of other people. I could post pictures of our home but they don't tell the Whole Story; that's just damage/destruction.

Over the decades, friends have suggested I think of what others may be experiencing. Hmmmmm, H o w, does one do that....?

UNLESS, one Experiences disaster/trauma/catastrophe! Ummmm, well there is THAT method.

Otherwise, the descriptions and explanations are just words and/or pictures or videos of destruction and people wading through waist deep water. In other words, some occurrences have to be LIVED.

I have wept from frustration, anger, loss of trust and respect. I have watched staff of suppliers (grocery stores, flooring, paint, mechanics) start crying because they could not help with whatever we needed. Short of staff, in the context of a catastrophic event; A business/church/person serviced or served an area for 20-30 years, hundreds or thousands of customers. NOW, a LARGE percentage of those past customers are coming to you for help repairing home, car, church, etc.,

According to the movies, all our problems can be solved in 2hrs or less with 20 commercial breaks. This is America. We have instant everything, 24/7. We have AAA, Insurance of every type, Bank Accounts, pristine lawns and homes in pristine neighborhoods (at least on TV). WAIT! Not everyone has one or any of these. Many did not have Flood (RISING WATER) Insurance or a savings account or bank account equal to the 20%.

Hey, Hurricane Harvey victims, think about a form of counseling for PTSD. If you are not familiar with that term, then Depression or Anxiety or How Do I Recover feelings. Recently, I posted a question on FB in our neighborhood, regarding the status of repairs of my/our neighbors. The replies were informative, refreshing, encouraging, sad and, in some instances, funny.

The point IS, I learned about our neighbors and we had a chance to share, which helped me, if no one else. We were not alone and were about the same phase of recovery? or at least headed in the correct direction. I sympathize with Puerto Rico, Florida, New Jersey/New York (remember Sandy). LONG after the celebrity fund raisers are gone and media has moved on, many of us will still be recovering AND will need an Ear to hear or Shoulder to lean on or just someone to Share with.

I tried to attend Church, this past Sunday, but was at my emotional limit and One question pushed me over into tears that would not stop. For those experiencing any of the above emotions or others, God has not forgotten us (even tho it seems so) but sometimes we NEED something/someone with flesh on it. I went home to bed and slept. Rest is absolutely essential for our emotional and physical health.

I realize that referencing God can seem cliche' or superficial and to some, totally useless. In my life, God has always been an influence and support and guide but has seemed VERY distant and quiet when I need that security the most.

You may have noticed, I am venting and this is my counseling session. Some call it "speaking to the universe" and I am fine with that analogy.

If you have not suffered a traumatic event recently or ever, then my request is for you to just be patient with the rest of us. We have learned or are learning the innocents have nothing to relate to; you just don't get it and that is okay. Until water was flooding our home at a speed too quick to save anything that it reached, I could not sympathize with former flood victims. Nor could I grasp water sitting in our home, our street, knee deep, for days. I can NOW!

Well, well, well. I think I'm done. WOW, I feel better! To everyone (government, civilian) that helped us, my wife and I sincerely thank you.

NOW, is this one of THOSE letters a person writes and destroys??

Ps: This Christmas, we will be back in our home, living and being thankful. At least, that is MY plan:) :) :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WOW, All That Has Happened Since Then....

My last blog was in 2014 and the events of my life and others have suffered catastrophic changes. Storms of every sort; hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, divorces, changes of command and leadership philosophy at every level or our country.

The SHOCK or PTSD experienced by civilians, in this country has been horrific and a gold mine of case studies for the social and psychological academics. For the average person, watching others suffer various forms of life change trauma is sobering enough but experiencing and enduring it is, as always, quite another form of understanding.

Allison, Katrina, Ike, Harvey, Irma are natural disasters that unlike Wars and Conflicts (which are still wars under a different label) cause a type of trauma that, it seems, our minds cannot fathom or justify.

For example: Wars: okay, humans are mean and often enjoy torturing and destroying each other in nightmarish ways. We almost can accept that. But natural disasters come from this loving, serene, comforting Mother Nature that most of the times cares for us like a Mother Hen her chicks and other creatures that show such love and care for their young.

Then, from that same benevolent nature spring these cataclysmic events that destroy our lives and routines in times ranging from minutes to days and last a lifetime. I, family, friends and strangers are experiencing that SHOCK now and it is a struggle to maintain our sanity, relationships and hopes for better tomorrows.

We humans are a wonderful lot and bond with each other thru binding together to survive. We tell each other, we are going to make it and we will, but we WILL BE CHANGED and DIFFERENT.

A person once said, when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. Another commented, tie the rope around you and let the rope hang on. Which ever method you choose, just hang on and keep putting your life back together.

Make this year 2017 the best one yet.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WHY Doesn't That Change??? We Have Discussed This Before.

And I believe it is worth mentioning again. Ever hear this question or ask it yourself? I heard it again, recently on a radio talk show.
Guest: This labor law was written in 1933 and companies, schools, agencies still use it to write their polices today.
Host: Why hasn't someone updated the law?

Now, my on going question is how can a law or philosophy or attitude continue for decades or centuries?
  • Peoples attitudes toward each other based on color, ethnicity, language,
  • Company policies differentiating between employees based on gender, marriage or children status,
  • Academic organizational structure and educational philosophy, 
  • Religious organizations views of each other or other beliefs (Christian, Islam, Catholic, Judaism.
I submit the following as the simple answer for a complex question.

A mentor surrounds his or her self with like minded people that allege themselves to the beliefs and goals of their leader/mentor. Independent Thinkers and Unbelievers are eventually purged to prevent corruption of the body.

This structure and process can continue forever and may if the overall performance of the group is not illegal, immoral or unethical or a danger to the majority rulers. Slavery was brought into this continent,  accepted and continued until a civil war was won by those opposing slavery. The physical act of slavery was abolished but the Mindset of those wanting it did not change, it went underground.

You may ask how a leader can find those like minded folks. Consider this: He/she searches for people
  • graduating from certain schools
  • attending similar seminars
  • drive similar vehicles (trucks, motorcycles, autos)
  • frequent similar social events
Once those are located, a few conversations, some fellowship, discussions about current and future goals and how to achieve them. Once the connection is made, the person is brought in on a trial basis. Within a few months, the selected candidate is confirmed and becomes a Team Player. During the Introduction Period, if certain defects surface, the candidate is gently and quietly moved aside and then outside the Circle of Insiders. The process is surprisingly simple, efficient and effective.

General Motors, Chrysler Dodge and Ford Motor Company had similar thought patterns and management styles, even though severe competitors. The Management Teams of all three had built strong secluded islands within their companies that were virtually impenetrable by any Free Thinkers or Public Scrutiny by any agency including Congress. BUT, they did not plan on the Public rebelling and purchasing outside the designated market; hence Bankruptcy.

Foreign car makers expanded within the U.S. market building manufacturing plants in the U.S. and hiring American workers. Then an upstart designed, developed, marketed and sold an all electric car made in America by Americans. The usual attack methods failed to discourage the inventor or the public from purchasing a car the Big Three told us could not be made.

For the sake of this discussion, you may substitute any condition or people labels in the place of the word slavery and slaves.
  • Women in the work force.
  • Child labor.
  • Source of automobiles.
  • Ad Infinitum
A small town in Florida recently become national news due to its loss of self governing control.

Speed trap city accused of corruption, threatened with extinction

Excerpt from the article: (formatting is mine)
To survive as a city, the good people of Hampton must toss out the old regime at City Hall and bring in new people. Legislators said everyone must go, both elected officials and staff. The city has to get out of the ticket business and give up that finger of annexed land. It has to fix the water system and figure out how to dig itself out of its deep financial hole -- a prospect that could cost every man, woman and child in Hampton at least $500.

I am ex-Army, Christian Pentecostal,  Married, White Elder Male, Texas Southerner, No College Degree, buying a house and Japanese auto. Each of these has worked for and against me during my adult life.  I am also a Free Thinker and this has worked against me almost every where to include Boy Scouts, Church and Employment. People of Authority often say:
  • Gary, I am in charge and we do this MY Way.
  • Ware - just be quiet and obey.
  • Mr. Ware - I am the boss and the only one that knows what to do and how to do it.
  • Gary - you should buy American made ONLY or 
    • we will not be friends
    • we will demote or fire you
    • we will not use your services
    • we will destroy your reputation
If you are an Independent Person, you may have heard the same or similar proclamations. These control people do not want us disturbing the formation or control of their developed world. The Sheep/Followers also get upset when different thoughts or logic is introduced invoking THOUGHT.

History records Pharaohs,  Dictators, Genocides, Slavery, Eugenics, Kings, Presidents, Queens; many were divinely wonderful leaders while others were incredibly wicked. Each were able to reign because of like minded supporters. btw: each of these labels may be applied to any individual that thinks and acts like they are God's gift to a decrepit and despicable humankind. I have lived with the same thoughts of grandeur and grieved my family by my actions. I have served under these type of self-righteous, conceited proclaimers of all that is right and holy, according to them.

As members of free society, we have privileges to vote in or out people representing us in the Public sector. These people have power, authority and responsibilities to enforce laws, update laws or write laws to maintain or way of life. Places of employment or worship are more restricted from Public control but do have Policies or Bylaws to permit substitution of executives; Board of Directors.

Ultimately, we have God Almighty, Jesus Christ to call on for help. If you have another God, does yours work, can you see evidence of active support to your requests? If you have no god, well...there you are.

SO, to those wondering, "Why has this event/our situation NOT changed?" Because the people in power keep adding the same type people which use the same structure, laws and policies. Even though we change the person sitting in the Oval Office, we do not change the type of man elected because the system that actually elects the President are the same ones or same types that created this model, then remodeled it then re-modified it to suit their purposes.

I am neutral on the organization called "Tea Party" but I commend them in their efforts to change the system by removing the current officials by lawful means. Revolutions and Coups do not work when trying to achieve a long term Good to Excellent result.

Correct what you can and may, adapt to what you can, leave the area of complaint AND REALIZE the structure in place will not change until the people in place do. Historically, Godless people or People of Occult practices choose bad to evil lifestyles; whereas Godly, righteous people tend to harmony and peaceful lifestyles.

Originally, laws were developed and written to protect individuals and groups with Justice intended. We, the masses trusted and trust our leaders to govern us properly but being human and carnal we all tend to lean to the Darker Side of life.  We cannot give carte blanche to any person in power or authority over us. Without Checks and Balances, anyone can be corrupted by unlimited power or unaccountability.

Vote, Resist, Pray, Serve.

I mentioned, earlier in this blog, my religious affiliation because it is a significant part of my life and I observe its process. The Christian organizations such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Pentecostal and Assembly of God developed and modified their structures over centuries. Some organizations retain control over the Pastor, Priest, or Leader to protect both the local assembly and the unity of the parent organization. Others allow the pastor autonomy to rule locally as fits the area free from a distant monarchy. 

The local Pastor can and may be voted in or out if they go rogue by the local church board unless...UNLESS that person builds a new building in a different location. The Pastor then becomes the Founding Pastor and cannot nor may not be removed by anyone. Is that cool or what? What happens if that Pastor goes bad? Each member has to decide to stay or leave based on their conversation with their God - Jesus Christ, who is really in charge of the place. 

The same process works in every employer run company for every employee.  Even though I left over 26 companies during my adult working life of 42 years and those companies or the branch I worked at closed, I finally understood that the next employer I aligned myself with was very likely to be like the last one I left. What was my option? Stop working and live a nice life on Welfare or start my own business. Four times attempted, four times failed. A successful business person encouraged me to keep trying because, as he put it, each time I tried and failed I learned what I did wrong and was one more attempt closer to success. When I finally transition from this life, whatever I accomplish and succeed at will be the legacy I leave for my children and grandchildren; and so will yours be.

 Vote, Resist, Pray, Serve, Succeed.