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You SHOULD Be Impressed! THINK About This…

New York’s “Journal News” initiated a form of covert Gun Control.
I have seen and participated in the use of this style of manipulation in the Military, NSA, the Corporate World and Government for over 3 decades. I am not a conspiracist, yet some plans approximate their format. This type never fails to succeed.
A Sociologist explained to me how and why government can control society by their placement or movement.
  • Use media to draw attention to the topic,
  • manipulate local environment,
  • introduce fear and security respectively then repeat;
  • add sweetener and toppings as desired.
Some desired results would be:
  • Diversifying economy(spending, taxes, saving),
  • Assisting construction and expansion of cities,
  • Expansion of transportation resources, (highways, airports, etc.)
  • Disconnecting people from their "roots" allowing more flexible thinking and education.
Having been close to this type of activity, I am sensitive to its appearance. In our society we have accepted certain forms of lying as ethically and morally correct. The problem becomes apparent when deciding whether the result is ethical or moral or correct. Will the result be a benefit or detriment to the affected parties?
Identifying the location of certain people can endanger them and their families. My opinion is this is neither ethical, moral or righteous.
When I informed my students a particular process could not be performed by a software package, knowing it could but was not permitted at our facility, my lie was justified to prevent this action. My terminology should have been more precise, such as; could not should have been you may not or you will not
Neither the lie nor the truth caused physical harm, but it did engender distrust.

Ethical? Moral? The righteous Thing To Do?
This topic would consume weeks of discussion and pages of explanation to explain and few would agree. This behavior is what organizations depend on and though the technique is very sloooowwwwwww it is VERY EFFECTIVE.
Our moral and ethical climate has slowly and increasingly degenerated, influencing every facet of our society. Anger, distrust, rude behavior, abound with plenty of fuel from the corrupted antics of politicians, celebrities, sports icons, church leader failures, owners or managers of failed businesses and so on.
My title may have you wondering why you or I should be impressed by all this and I will now address that now. People proficient in any endeavor, including criminal or manipulative, impress me. Movies like White Collar and The Thomas Crown Affair, as well as historical events by both church and secular communities.
First the definition:
1. to affect deeply or strongly in mind or feelings; influence in opinion: He impressed us as a sincere young man.
2. to fix deeply or firmly on the mind or memory, as ideas or facts: to impress the importance of honesty on a child.
3. to urge, as something to be remembered or done: She impressed the need for action on them.
Note: Being impressed with or by an action in NO WAY implies or insinuates or suggests I agree with or condone such activities or their results; Nor do I glorify or admire the characters represented by movie actors. I neither admire nor respect criminals nor negative manipulators.
What is it about these types of activities that both capture my attention and impress me?
1.      The fact that a person or persons can conjure an idea that infatuates and retains the imagination and commitment of people. This can be positive as well as negative.
2.     The ideological and charismatic impact and influence upon masses of people is almost supernatural.
3.     The leader eventually surfaces, becomes the accepted spokesperson, and charismatically leads the establishment forward attracting devoted, often ardent patrons.
4.     The horrific evil processes that are either ignored by the general public or their failure to respond in a moral manner, to prevent atrocities. Conversely, supreme positive consequences manifest our innate acquaintance with divinity.
5.     Certain criminal careers are of importance because for a person(s) to commit specific types of crimes, required:
enhanced planning skills,
in-depth knowledge of law enforcement investigation techniques,
severe personal discipline,
able to appear invisible (for example; who “sees” the utility or maintenance people), 
and too persuasive to mistrust.
(The exceptional abilities used for heinous crimes could have instead promoted the now criminal and their victims, their families and friends.)
6.     Law creators, lawyers, our law system with laws that coddle criminals.
7.     Law designers, the lawyers, a judicial system with laws that victimize victims, restrict and penalize the innocent, in the name of justice.
8.     Absolute majestic advances in science, technology, arts, and knowledge.
9.     A seemingly mindless Environmental Protection Agency. Whose idea was this anyway? An entire Department of the Interior on acid? Whatever.
I use the word impress because I want to be frequently reminded that one person or a small group of people up to entire nations can be led to greatness or unfathomable evil. A couple of ministers, I know, emphasize that each person has a carnal nature capable of monstrous evil and no one should trust themselves or be trusted implicitly.
As a practicing Christian, I attempt to live a lifestyle that is a credit to those I know or hear of me. Realizing my dark side is alive and well constrains me from tempting it to my distraction. For example: I do not flirt, frequent bars/clubs/strip joints for the obvious reasons. The earlier 20 years of my life were wasted doing such things.
Unfortunately, I do not refrain from an occasional tremendous acceleration down an empty street.

Do I have a WITNESS?
In agreement with many of the people on this planet, I desire a nice, pleasant, very comfortable and peaceable life; Beautiful homes in several countries, happy and healthy family, good friends, a motor home, private plane, cars, SUV, you know, the simple life.
Some deranged moron has to screw it up.
As so many fellow humans, I wonder when the madness will end and how I can prompt its demise. I am overwrought by the tragedy inflicted on innocent people just as I am burdened by someone's terminal diagnosis or divorce. My experience with cancer and divorce and death connects me to their pain and I feel it all over again. 
·       Human trafficking and all its viciousness,
·       Abuse of every deplorable type,
·       Maiming and deaths of innocents,
·       Wanton, unrestrained global slaughter of animals and fish,
·       Wanton environmental eradication.
My struggle with appropriate actions to my choices led me to reconsider my sincere reason for the theme of this blog. Observing commitments and the corresponding actions of others to a conviction of principle, I have decided that my efforts to improve myself first and foremost IS my conviction of principle and primary goal. Any expansion of the area of influence is strictly in the Hands of God.
Examples from Evening News:
·       Airplane passengers disabled another threatening passenger. Their efforts constrained the person without harm to him or them.
·       A store clerk assisted by several customers disabled a robber and held him without harm for the police.
·       Military Fathers and Mothers making the time and effort to visit their children.
·       Anonymous persons paying Layaways off for families.
Gifts, aid, kind words, time, given without notoriety or expectation of any reward or return. All done locally and quietly but one person testifies to another and a public announcement is made providing an example for those of us privileged to see and/or hear.
I remember an adage: If every person helped their neighbor, no one would lack help.
When we withdraw our action or interaction, we allow good and evil to continue to success.
A junior high school student was an acquaintance in a messed up family. My mother suggested I try to be a friend but I had things to do. He killed himself about two weeks after that.
A coworker was struggling with personal issues in a troubled marriage. I sensed he enjoyed our intermittent conversations but again I let work be my primary call. He killed himself.
Could I have prevented either suicide? I will never know that answer but I do know interaction would have been better than withdrawal.

Well, it is 07:30 AM and I started writing this about 09:40 PM last night. Connye and I had a late dinner at Panera Bread and I started thinking and talking about this then. While Tuff was figuring what to do, outside and I stood with him in the misting rain at 04:15 AM, I thought of projects at work. This blog theme is threaded to several others and reminded me of those projects.

One took me three years from conception to completion and another five years. Each one consumed me day and night and weekends, thinking about their structure, content, method of employment, maintenance, area of coverage, and the inevitable presentations to people determined to block or stall or end the item for no obvious stated reason.

Having to answer to surreptitious reasons never overtly stated. How often I desired to shake his rodent head until either the truth burst forth or he declined any association. When the truth of a resistance is not made public, it cannot be argued, while the partial truths, lies or possibilities propagate draining energy and resources to prevent the project from maturing.

If legal ownership of guns are a true threat to a corrupt governing authority, any program to confiscate the weapons will remain incognito until enough of the population supports, then demands, their removal, making resistance futile.
If your:
  • Love of freedom over security,
  • Personal independence and freedom of thought,
  • Concern for proper and quality education for your children,
  • Ability to choose where you live and the type of housing,
  • Ad infinitum,
is perceived as a threat, their removal or restriction will be disguised within a call for "the greater good".

Are You Impressed Yet?
As you probably noticed, in this blog, the intertwining of positive and negative topics in no set order; as they are in life. In fact, the obvious blurring of lines and time frame can confuse the casual observer, which, at times, is the intent.

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