Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Know WHAT To Do, But...

Is it the Righteous thing to do?
You are the:
  • Manager,
  • Technician,
  • Soldier,
  • Parent,
  • Minister,
  • Police Officer,
  • Staff member.
Get it? Got it? Good!
Welllll, maybe not yet. Let's consider some examples:
  1. Television series - Flash Point: Police trying to prevent angry, abusive husband from killing his wife. All are on roof, including the 18year old daughter of the couple. Daughter realizes Dad is going to kill Mom so she pulls a concealed weapon, begins walking toward both and shooting at Dad. NOW, the police following letter of the law kill her instead of bad guy Dad.
    1. During debrief, they get into intense discussion about following the procedure but questioning if it was the righteous thing to do.
  2. Minister decides to preach/teach certain content but not all because some things "preach better". Preach Better means the minister wants to manipulate the thinking of his/her congregation.
    1. Any of us CAN do this but is it the righteous method.
  3. Maintenance dumps fifty thousand dollars of new parts in a field to prevent them being counted during inspection.
    1. Manager says it is for the greater good for the department. Hmmmmm, Wellllllll?!?!?
  4. Technician is told to fudge(lie) about time put on a job, because of problems with charging over time to project and customer.
    1. Manager calms tech with, "We do it all the time. Every one understands." Turns out, the audit team does NOT understand. PROBlem!
Some of the above I have done before and after becoming a Christian. Oddly, the morality of an action moves our conscience whether sinner or saint. In any case, a person may be confused by the encouragement of mentors and other respected authority and obey; but then...then we get it, and the game changes.
  • Soldiers and Police are faulted for their duty by civilians and by management if they do not.
  • Non-management are blamed for the company' poor product by the public but possibly fired if they refuse to produce.
  • Citizens are attacked because of their government's decrees and the possible results of disobedience are obvious..
Christians are generally respected for adhering to a higher standard of morality and  living a higher grade of life; Yet, all our consciences press us for a superior mental disposition. As our society continues declining morally, each of us is challenged to choose a path of positive influence for this generation and the preceding one.

An adage states:
What the parents do in moderation, the children will do to excess.
I have observed the practical evidence of this maxim with very interesting outcomes.

We cannot escape our responsibility or accountability to ourselves, our children or God. We will account for what happens in this nation, our state, city and home according to our position.
In other words:
  • Children for their actions toward their parents.
  • Parent for their guidance of their children.
  • Citizens for obedience to and respect for local, state and federal laws.
  • Citizens for voting with their best judgment.
  • Leaders (managers, politicians, ministers) for their actions.
Seems simple and sounds easy, doesn't it? Yet, when I was threatened with loosing my job and affecting the status of other lab staff, it was not easy. Simple? Yes, but not easy. Their choices did not change, so the company caved.

Refusing to dump inventory didn't change the system but did get me transferred.

I can preach/teach/instruct/train what I choose, just not every where.

What would you think telling the truth or right way of acting costs?
Hint: it's not money.
  • Reputation
  • Friendships
  • Position/Employment
  • Promotion
  • Being included
Often, all the above and sometimes for years. Occasionally, for life. What I learned was the true difficulty of living my convictions. Your choices and experiences cannot be compared to any other as mine are not. We may sympathize with each other but truthfully we cannot really feel each other's pain.

As I discovered, I had NO CLUE to what CHOICE would cost and neither did you before experienced it. Our Truths were purchased for us by individuals, often joining with others. I know I am willing and I think I am prepared to pay for mine and those after me.

Another important item I learned was the price/cost are payment plans, NOT a one time payment pays all. I never picked up on this regardless of all the history I repeatedly read, saw and heard. Strange, isn't it, how a major item can be so in-consequential and then we start making payments.

An inheritance allows enjoyment without the cost of acquiring and although I enjoy inherited items, I learned an inheritance is not the same as income, which seems intuitive but it wasn't to me. I treated the first one as a bonus rather than a one time only life benefit; life insurance, winnings of any kind, gifts.

When we own (pay cash for) our homes, cars, other accessories, there is such a feeling of freedom and security. A direct benefit is paying only what the item costs rather than 3 to 50 times the original purchase price thru interest.

So. We can charge everything we claim to own. We can. But is it the best or even a good method.

We can surrender them for welfare, government controlled education, businesses, health care and facilities or follow the path of those before us.

Some payment plans for a life improvement can look like:
  • Every day/week/month is a struggle to pay the bills and by food.
  • Your health changed and seems you will never feel good again.
  • Your job environment is a struggle/fight just to get through a day.
Some may be wondering how you should act or respond when your "heroes" are not so heroic after all. My opinion is to fasten your eyes/mind/heart on what integrity is in your life, fix on Jesus Christ and his Truth, reorder your previous values and recover.
A few friends and I were discussing this very subject and why we were still on course when many others caved in. Our conclusion was simple, we focused on God as our main point of perfection and truth.

As we consider every one fallible, including ourselves, then when a person's imperfections surface they are not crippling; disappointing, Yes, but not destructive. Act like a lady or a gentlemen with family and friends, fight like veteran street fighter when needed, live as Christ would live, walk on water when called to and stay stable.

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