Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Declaration of Intent!

I am going to rest tomorrow was my declaration to Connye the night before. She had a dinner date with friends and I had recently had my Dental Bridge installed, so there. As she prepared to leave, she confirmed my status and once more I adamantly declared a day of rest for this person. Off she went.

An hour later, I awoke from a troubled sleep, thinking about rooms in disarray. My wife keeps a very clean house and yet, dysfunctional humanoid as I am, have a "need to improve".

How it is.
What I desire.

How I see it.
Connye and I are still in our Learning Phase about each other. Know what I mean, Vern?
I get a glass of tea, my trusty 25' tape  measure, a bar of chocolate, and begin to scour the land. Tuffie, the dog, climbs into his chair and feigns a coma.

About four hours later, Connye returns from her event. As she is recounting the great time they had and unpacking, there is a moment of silence.

"I see you rearranged some things."
UmHmm. I asked God to help me and he did. Sooo, it's God's fault? Supreme Revelation!!
YESSS, that's it, He TOLD me how to do it!  I am not guilty.
It all worked out much better than I thought. She observed that when I am left alone, in the house, for more than three hours something WILL happen. My version of "Home Alone". All the cleaning supplies and equipment and there - alone and sad - what is a husband to do but
  • vacuum
  • scrub
  • move
  • sweep
  • refresh and revitalize
BTW, we had rain yesterday and last night, OVER and IN DICKINSON! Usually, the Rain Manager declines our area. People will be canoeing out of their house, in surrounding parts of Houston while our grass and shrubs are dying. It appears like a Bubble over our area or a Highway Divide.

With my project completed, Connye content, Tuffie???, and long hours of rain ahead, we settled in for a loonnngggggg nap. God is good.
(how about the garage)

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