Thursday, June 6, 2013

Patient and Husband Rights OR...

I WILL do what I want.

Patient rights: the rights of the patient to tell any (READ – ANY) Doctor, “No, that is enough” and still pay their bill. I suspect many previous doctors have emotional issues because of me openly or quietly declaring MY rights.

Connye or my doctor will ask me:

·       Do you need refills and I often reply, “No”.

·       “Are you taking your pills Gary?”

·       “Yes”

·       “Then why are you NOT out of pills?”

·       “Don’t know”.

We changed doctors because our previous one retired. He is very good and consciences about our health and processes to keep us healthy. Today, we had a follow up AND a come to Jesus understanding.

·       He expressed his views and disagreement with mine.

·       I accepted his right to disagree with me and explained it did not matter.

·       Know what? He still accepted payment and wrote me new prescriptions.

·       Patient Rights Rock!!

One of my brothers in law knew me about 7 years when he started saying, “You are going to do what you want”. Many managers and friends knew this but could not accept it.
NOT my problem.

Connye, looking at my new prescriptions and daily doses, mentioned them to me:

·       “You have to take this twice a day”.

·       Uh huh

·       “Gary, you have to do this for your health”.

·       Uh huh

Her fingers tighten and as she removes the Formica from the counter top, she says,

·       “I know! You’re going to do what you want to”.

·       Yeauup.

Husband Rights have their place also.

Connye is a wonderful wife and incredibly patient.

We have been married over ten years and I am convinced that if our counter was cut from a solid block of Granite, she could gently break it in half; so Formica is much easier to repair.

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Take.your.medicine. {Thus saith your daughter.} :D