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Names of God - (Hebrew – Aramaic - Greek)

Old Testament and New Testament

Why do we have different names of God? There are many Hebrew names that are linked to the specific circumstances of how God is revealing His power and glory to His people. The Lord's name stands in for His purpose, reflecting His qualities, character and attributes. (Isaiah 36-37) As you can see, we use the specific names quite frequently to help us in our current circumstances.

868 Written and Published Names and Versions of His Name!
How Many Nicknames Exist?
Abba Father… "Our Lover and Protector". We become His child and He becomes our Father.

Abir: … 'Mighty One', ("to be strong")
Adonai: … Lord in our English Bibles (Capital letter 'L ', lower case, 'ord')

·       Adonai is plural -"Master'' or "Lord" always plural when referring to God,

·       Adon is singular … Always singular when referring to a human lord.

Almighty: … (pantokrator)

Attiq Yomin (Aramaic): …"Ancient of Days,"
Branch: … (tsemach), The Branch

Christ: … is equivalent to the Hebrew 'Messiah' (Meshiach), "The Anointed One."
Despotes: (despotes) "Lord"
El: … God ("mighty, strong, prominent"), Elohim is the more common plural form of El.

Elah … is equivalent to the Hebrew Eloah which some think is dual;

El-Gibhor: …  Mighty God (Isa. 9:6). Isaiah calls Messiah "Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God (El Gibhor), Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" (Isa. 9:6).
El-Elyon: … "The Most High God". 'Most High" (from "to go up").

Elohim: … God (a plural noun, more than two, used with singular verbs). God as Creator, Preserver, Transcendent, Mighty and Strong.

El – Gmulot … The God of recompense.

El - Olam El designates God's character. Olam is translated as everlasting or forever. Everlasting God. So we know El Olam as The Eternal God.

El Roi: … "God of Seeing" - who keeps watch, “The strong one who sees”.

El Shaddai: … God Almighty or God All Sufficient.

·       Two roots for the word: 1) to be powerful; and 2) breast, nourisher, sustainer. 

·       The Septuagint uses Greek "ikanos" meaning "all-sufficient" or "self-sufficient. The God Who is Sufficient for the Needs of His People. This could be used in unison with Jehovah-Jireh.

Emmanuel,  Immanuel, Imanuel: … "God with us."

Eyaluth: … "Strength"

Gaol: …
"Redeemer" (to buy back by paying a price).

Hupsistos: … "Highest" Mt. 21:9.

I Am: … "The Self-Existent One," "I Am Who I Am", 'I Will Be Who I Will Be". From the Hebrew OT verb "to be" signifying a Living, Intelligent, Personal Being.

Immanuel, Emmanuel, Imanuel: … "God with us."

Jah/Yah LORD or Kurios … (Greek) "Lord"

Jehovah: … LORD in our English Bibles (all capitals). The name of God abbreviated or written "YHWH" without vowel points. Known to Jews as the Sh'ma uses both Jehovah and Elohim to indicate one God with a plurality of persons.

Jehovah/Yahweh/Yahway, Yhvh/Yhwh-LORD … He will be, eternal, to be, to exist, and always is. Unchangeable. This name is unique to God alone.

Jehovah - Adon (singular); Jehovah - Adonai (plural) … LORD of lords, To judge or rule, Includes master or owner as well as lord.

Jehovah Baal Perez "The Lord of Breakthrough". David said, "As waters break out, the LORD has broken out against my enemies before me.

Jehovah Elohim: … "LORD God". Uni-Plural form (3-in-1) - LORD Gods; Strong or mighty and object of fear. The compound emphasizes God as: creator, governing and redeeming man and God's direct connection with the nation of Israel.

Jehovah - El – Elyon … Most high God to be elevated. It emphasizes God as the exalted, sovereign one.

Jehovah-Jireh: …"The Lord will Provide." From "jireh" ("to see" or "to provide," or to "foresee" as a prophet.)

Jehovah - Makeh… The LORD smites, punishes sin.

Jehovah-Maccaddeshem… “The Lord thy sanctifier”

Jehovah-M'kaddesh:   … "The Lord Who Sanctifies" "To make whole, set apart for holiness.

Jehovah – Mekaddishkem … The LORD our sanctifier or "God Who Is Our Sanctification". Mekaddishkem is derived from the Hebrew word 'qadash' meaning holy, dedicated or sanctified; think of being separated or set apart for the Lord. This can apply to a person or to an object.

Jehovah-Nissi: … "The Lord Our Banner." God on the battlefield, from word which means "to glisten," "to lift up".

Jehovah Raah … "The Lord Our Shepherd" Roeh means shepherd in Hebrew. Our Shepherd feeds us and leads us to pasture. Another translation is from rea' which means companion. The Lord our Shepherd who desires intimacy with us as a friend.

Jehovah – Rapha: … “the Lord God heals". 'Rapha' means restoring something to it's normal state; To heal our bodies, minds and our 'land'(the places we work, live, etc.).

Jehovah-Rohi: "The Lord Our Shepherd" Psa. 23, from "ro'eh" (to pasture).

Jehovah – Roi …The LORD My Shepherd.

Jehovah-Rophe: … "The Lord Who Heals" Ex. 15:22-26. From "rophe" ("to heal"); implies spiritual, emotional as well as physical healing.
Jehovah-Sabaoth: …"The Lord of Hosts", "the Commander of the Angelic Host and the Armies of God".

Jehovah-Shalom: … "The Lord Our Peace", Related to "well, welfare." Shalom means the kind of peace that results from being a whole person in right relationship to God and to one's fellow man.

Jehovah - Shammah…"The Lord Is Present with Us". Shammah is derived from the Hebrew word 'Sham' roughly translated as 'there'. Jehovah Shammah is the symbolic name for Jerusalem.

Jehovah-Tsidkenu …  The LORD Our righteousness or the God of Our Righteousness", From "tsidek" (straight, stiff, balanced - as on scales - full weight, justice, right, righteous, declared innocent.) The name speaks of the God which will always do what is right.

Jehovah–Yahweh … a reference to God’s divine salvation.

Jesus: … Derived from the Hebrew "Joshua" (Y'shua) or "Je-Hoshua" meaning Jehovah Is Salvation.

Judge: …

Kadosh: … "Holy One"
Kanna: … "Jealous" (zealous).

Kurios … (Greek) "Lord"

Logos: … "The Word of God"

Magen: … "Shield"

Melekh: … "King"
Palet: … "Deliverer"
Shaphat: … "Judge"
Shepherd: …

Sophia: … "The Wisdom of God," referring to Christ
Soter: … (soter) "Savior"

Stone: (eben) …

The Angel of the Lord: … Seen in the theophanies, or pre-incarnate appearances of the Son of God in the OT.

The First And Last: …

Theos: … (yeos) "God" (equivalent to the Hebrew Elohim). In the NT all the persons of the trinity are called "God" at one time or another.

Theotes: … "Godhead".
Tsaddiq: … "Righteous One"

Tsur: … "God our Rock"
Word: … logos

Yahweh … The covenant name of God.

Yeshua: … "Savior" ("he will save").

·       Jesus is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew "Joshua." The latter is a contraction of Je-Hoshua.

·       ("Christ", the anointed one is equivalent to the Hebrew Maschiah, or Messiah

YHVH-LORD … Used with Adonai Lord in Exodus 4:10

Would all these names cause you or I to think God wants us to communicate with him in a personal and intimate level? Think of family, friends or associates and nicknames you may have for them that more intimate conversation.
More Names Of God : Translated To English and Thousands More Languages

 Romans 8:15
 1 John 2:1 (kjv)
 Genesis 17:1
 Revelation 22:13
 Revelation 3:14
Ancient Of Days
 Daniel 7:9
Anointed One
 Psalm 2:2
 Hebrews 3:1
Arm Of The Lord
 Isaiah 53:1
Author Of Life
 Acts 3:15
Author Of Our Faith
 Hebrews 12:2
 Revelation 21:6
Blessed & Holy Ruler
 1 Timothy 6:15
 Jeremiah 33:15
Bread Of God
 John 6:33
Bread Of Life
 John 6:35
 Isaiah 62:56
Bright Morning Star
 Revelation 22:16
Chief Shepherd
 1 Peter 5:4
Chosen One
 Isaiah 42:1
 Matthew 22:42
Christ Of God
 Luke 9:20
Christ The Lord
 Luke 2:11
Christ, Son Of Living God
 Matthew 16:16
 John 14:26(kjv)
 Isaiah 55:4
Consolation Of Israel
 Luke 2:25
Consuming Fire
 Deut 4:24, heb 12:29
 Isaiah 28:16
 Isaiah 9:6
 1 Peter 4:19
 Romans 11:26
Desired Of All Nations
 Haggai 2:7
 John 10:7 (kjv)
 Psalm 83:18 (kjv)
 Revelation 21:6
 Matthew 1:21
Esus Christ Our Lord
 Romans 6:23
Faithful & True
 Revelation 19:11
Faithful Witness
 Revelation 1:5
 Matthew 6:9
First Fruits
 1 Cor 15:2023
 Rom8:29, Rev1:5, Col1:15
 1 Cor 3:11
Friend Of Tax Collectors & Sinners
 Matthew 11:19
Gentle Whisper
 1 Kings 19:12
Gift Of God
 John 4:10
Glory Of The Lord
 Isaiah 40:5
 Genesis 1:1
God Almighty
 Genesis 17:1
God Over All
 Romans 9:5
God Who Sees Me
 Genesis 16:13
Good Shepherd
 John 10:11
Great High Priest
 Hebrews 4:14
Great Shepherd
 Hebrews 13:20
 Psalm 48:14
Head Of The Body
 Colossians 1:18
Head Of The Church
 Ephesians 5:23
Heir Of All Things
 Hebrews 1:2
High Priest
 Hebrews 3:1
High Priest Forever
 Hebrews 6:20
Holy One
 Acts 2:27
Holy One Of Israel
 Isaiah 49:7
Holy Spirit
 John 16:26
 Titus 2:13
Horn Of Salvation
 Luke 1:69
I Am
 Exodus 3:14, john 8:58
Image Of God
 2 Cor 4:4
Image Of His Person
 Hebrews 1:3 (kjv)
 Isaiah 7:14
 Exodus 34:14 (kjv)
 Zechariah 9:9
King Eternal
 1 Timothy 1:17
King Of Kings
 1 Timothy 6:15
King Of The Ages
 Revelation 15:3
Lamb Of God
 John 1:29
Last Adam
 1 Cor 15:45
 Isaiah 33:22
 Isaiah 55:4
 John 14:6
Light Of The World
 John 8:12
Like An Eagle
 Deut 32:11
Lily Of The Valleys
 Song 2:1
Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah
 Revelation 5:5
Living Stone
 1 Peter 2:4
Living Water
 John 4:10
 John 13:13
Lord God Almighty
 Revelation 15:3
Lord Jesus Christ
 1 Cor 15:57
Lord Of All
 Acts 10:36
Lord Of Glory 
 1 Cor 2:8
Lord Of Lords
 1 Tim 6:15
Lord Our Righteousness
 Jeremiah 23:6
 1 John 4:8
Man Of Sorrows
 Isaiah 53:3
 Luke 5:5
 1 Timothy 2:5
Merciful God
 Jeremiah 3:12
Messenger Of The Covenant
 Malachi 3:1
  John 4:25
Mighty God
 Isaiah 9:6
Mighty One
 Isaiah 60:16
 Matthew 2:23
Offspring Of David
 Revelation 22:16
 Revelation 22:13
Only Begotten Son
 John 1:18(kjv)
Our Passover Lamb
 1 Cor 5:7
Our Peace
 Ephesians 2:14
 Isaiah 64:8
Power Of God
 1 Cor 1:24
Prince Of Peace
 Isaiah 9:6
 Acts 3:22
 Malachi 3:3
Rabboni (Teacher)
 John 20:16
Radiance Of God’s Glory
 Job 19:25
Refiner’s Fire
 Malachi 3:2
 John 11:25
Righteous One
 1 John 2:1
 1 Cor 10:4
Root Of David
 Rev 22:16
Rose Of Sharon
 Song 2:1
Ruler Of God’s Creation
 Rev 3:14
Ruler Over Israel
 Micah 5:2
Ruler Over Kings Of Earth
 Rev 1:5
 Luke 2:11
Scepter Out Of Israel
 Numbers 24:17
 Genesis 3:15
 Isaiah 42:1
Shepherd Of Our Souls
 1 Peter 2:25
 Genesis 15:1
Son Of David
 Matthew 1:1
Son Of God
 Matthew 27:54
Son Of Man
 Matthew 8:20
Son Of The Most High
 Luke 1:32
 Hebrews 5:9
Spirit Of God
 Genesis 1:2
Star Out Of Jacob
 Numbers 24:17
 1 Peter 2:8
Sun Of Righteousness
 Malachi 4:2
 John 13:13
Eternal God
 Deut 33:27
True Light
 John 1:9
True Witness
 Revelation 3:14
 John 14:6
 Isaiah 33:22, acts 10:42
Everlasting Father
 Isaiah 9:6
 John 15:5
 John 14:6
Wisdom Of God
 1 Cor 1:24
 Isaiah 55:4
 Isaiah 9:6
 John 1:1
Word Of God
 Revelation 19:13

 KJV was used in compiling this list

  1. A Branch (Jesus)
  2. A Chief Cornerstone (Jesus)
  3. A Consuming Fire
  4. A Covert From The Tempest
  5. A Crown Of Glory
  6. A Diadem Of Beauty
  7. A Father To Israel
  8. A God That Hideth Thyself
  9. A Governor
  10. A Great High Priest (Jesus)
  11. A Holy God
  12. A Jealous God
  13. A Just God And A Savior
  14. A Hiding Place From The Wind
  15. A High Priest Of Good Things To Come (Jesus)
  16. A High Priest Over The House Of God (Jesus)
  17. A Judge Of The Widows
  18. A Light To Lighten The Gentiles (Jesus)
  19. A Living Stone (Jesus)
  20. A Man Of Sorrows, And Acquainted With Grief (Jesus)
  21. A Man Of War
  22. A Merciful And Faithful High Priest (Jesus)
  23. A Merciful God
  24. A Mighty Terrible One (In Kjv, "Terrible" Means "Awesome")
  25. A Minister Of The Sanctuary, And Of The True Tabernacle (Jesus)
  26. A Nail In A Sure Place
  27. A Place Of Broad Rivers And Streams
  28. A Plant Of Renown (Jesus)
  29. A Priest Upon His Throne (Jesus)
  30. A Prince And A Savior
  31. A Rewarder Of Them That Diligently Seek Him
  32. A Rock Of Offense [To The Unbeliever] (Jesus)
  33. A Rod Out Of The Stem Of Jesse (Jesus)
  34. A Sanctuary
  35. A Scepter (Jesus)
  36. A Shadow From The Heat
  37. A Shelter For Me
  38. A Son Over His Own House (Jesus) [The Church Is His House]
  39. A Star Out Of Jacob (Jesus)
  40. A Stone Of Stumbling [To The Unbeliever] (Jesus)
  41. A Strength To The Needy In His Distress
  42. A Strength To The Poor
  43. A Strong Lord
  44. A Strong Tower From The Enemy
  45. A Sun And Shield
  46. A Sure Foundation
  47. A Tried Stone
  48. A Very Present Help In Trouble
  49. A Wall Of Fire Round About
  50. A Witness To Us (Holy Spirit)
  51. Abba, Father
  52. Advocate With The Father (Jesus)
  53. Almighty God
  54. Alpha And Omega
  55. An Ensign For The Nations
  56. An Ensign Of The People
  57. Ancient Of Days
  58. Apostle And High Priest Of Our Profession (Jesus)
  59. Author And Finisher Of Our Faith (Jesus)
  60. Author Of Eternal Salvation (Jesus)
  61. Author Of Peace
  62. Beginning Of The Creation Of God (Jesus)
  63. Blessed And Only Potentate
  64. Bread Of God (Jesus)
  65. Bread Of Life (Jesus)
  66. Bright And Morning Star
  67. Buckler To All Those That Trust In Him
  68. Buckler To Them That Walk Uprightly
  69. Captain Of Their Salvation (Jesus)
  70. Christ Jesus
  71. Christ Jesus Our Lord
  72. Christ In You, The Hope Of Glory
  73. Christ The King Of Israel
  74. Christ The Power Of God, And The Wisdom Of God
  75. Confidence Of All The Ends Of The Earth
  76. Consolation Of Israel (Jesus)
  77. Counselor
  78. Covenant Of The People (Jesus)
  79. Creator Of The Ends Of The Earth
  80. Dayspring From On High (Jesus)
  81. Desire Of All Nations (Jesus)
  82. Everlasting Father
  83. Everlasting God
  84. Everlasting King
  85. Faithful And True
  86. Faithful Creator
  87. Faithful Witness
  88. Father Of Glory
  89. Father Of Lights
  90. Father Of Mercies
  91. Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  92. Father Of Spirits
  93. Father Of The Fatherless
  94. First-Begotten Of The Dead (Jesus)
  95. Firstborn Among Many Brethren (Jesus)
  96. Firstborn Of Every Creature (Jesus)
  97. Former Of All Things
  98. Fountain Of Living Waters
  99. Glory Of Their Strength
  100. Glory Of Thy People Israel
  101. God Almighty
  102. God Alone
  103. God And Father Of All
  104. God And Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  105. God Full Of Compassion
  106. God In Whose Hand Thy Breath Is
  107. God Most High
  108. God My Maker
  109. God Of Abraham
  110. God Of Abraham, And Of Isaac, And Of Jacob
  111. God Of All Comfort
  112. God Of All Flesh
  113. God Of All Grace
  114. God Of All The Families Of Israel
  115. God Of Glory
  116. God Of Gods
  117. God Of Heaven
  118. God Of Heaven And Earth
  119. God Of Hope
  120. God Of Israel
  121. God Of Jacob
  122. God Of Jeshurun ("Jeshurun" Means "Upright," And Refers To Israel)
  123. God Of Knowledge
  124. God Of Love And Peace
  125. God Of My Life
  126. God Of My Mercy
  127. God Of My Praise
  128. God Of My Righteousness
  129. God Of My Rock
  130. God Of Our Salvation
  131. God Of Patience And Consolation
  132. God Of Peace
  133. God Of The Armies Of Israel
  134. God Of The Hebrews
  135. God Of The Living
  136. God Of The Spirits Of All Flesh
  137. God Of The Whole Earth
  138. God Of Thy Fathers
  139. God Of Truth And Without Iniquity
  140. God Only Wise
  141. God Our Savior
  142. God Our Shield
  143. God Ready To Pardon
  144. God That Answereth By Fire
  145. God, That Cannot Lie
  146. God, That Comforteth Those That Are Cast Down
  147. God That Doest Wonders
  148. God That Formed Thee
  149. God, That Giveth To All Men Liberally
  150. God That Judgeth In The Earth
  151. God That Made The World And All Things Therein
  152. God That Performeth All Things For Me
  153. God That Showeth Mercy
  154. God, The Father
  155. God The Judge Of All
  156. God The Lord
  157. God, Which Always Causeth Us To Triumph In Christ
  158. God, Which Doeth Great Things And Unsearchable; Marvelous Things Without Number
  159. God Which Fed Me All My Life Long Unto This Day
  160. God, Which Giveth Us The Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ
  161. God, Which Hath Not Turned Away My Prayer
  162. God Which Raiseth The Dead
  163. God, Which Trieth Our Hearts
  164. God's Servant (Jesus)
  165. God's Righteous Servant (Jesus)
  166. Governor Among The Nations
  167. Gracious And Merciful God
  168. Great King Above All Gods
  169. Great King Over All The Earth
  170. Great Shepherd Of The Sheep (Jesus)
  171. Guide Of My Youth
  172. Habitation Of Justice
  173. He In Whom I Trust
  174. He That Abideth Of Old
  175. He That Buildeth His Stories In The Heavens
  176. He That Built All Things
  177. He That By Wisdom Made The Heavens
  178. He That Called You Into The Grace Of Christ
  179. He That Calleth For The Waters Of The Sea, And Poureth Them Out Upon The Face Of The Earth
  180. He That Calleth You
  181. He That Cometh From Above (Jesus)
  182. He That Cometh From Heaven (Jesus)
  183. He That Cometh In The Name Of The Lord (Jesus)
  184. He That Comforteth You
  185. He That Createth The Wind
  186. He That Declareth Unto Man What Is His Thought
  187. He That Doth Speak
  188. He That Endured Such Contradiction Of Sinners Against Himself
  189. He That Filleth All In All
  190. He That Formed Thee From The Womb
  191. He That Formeth The Mountains
  192. He That Giveth Breath Unto The People
  193. He That Giveth Strength And Power Unto His People
  194. He That Hath Called Us To Glory And Virtue
  195. He That Hath Founded His Troop In The Earth
  196. He That Hath Mercy On Them
  197. He That Hath The Key Of David (Jesus)
  198. He That Hath The Seven Spirits Of God
  199. He That Holdeth The Seven Stars In His Right Hand
  200. He That Is Able To Do Exceeding Abundantly Above All That We Ask Or Think
  201. He That Is Able To Keep You From Falling
  202. He That Is Able To Present You Faultless Before The Presence Of His Glory
  203. He That Is From The Beginning
  204. He That Is Higher Than The Highest
  205. He That Is Holy
  206. He That Is Mighty
  207. He That Is Of Power To Stablish You
  208. He That Is True
  209. He That Judgeth Me
  210. He That Judgeth Righteously
  211. He That Keepeth Israel
  212. He That Keepeth Thee
  213. He That Keepeth Thy Soul
  214. He That Liveth And Was Dead (Jesus)
  215. He That Liveth For Ever And Ever
  216. He That Loved Us
  217. He That Maketh The Morning Darkness
  218. He That Maketh The Seven Stars And Orion
  219. He That Made Great Lights
  220. He That Ministereth To You The Spirit
  221. He That Openeth, And No Man Shutteth; And Shutteth, And No Man Openeth
  222. He That Ought To Be Feared
  223. He That Pondereth The Heart
  224. He That Raised Up Jesus From The Dead
  225. He That Revealeth Secrets
  226. He That Rideth Upon The Heavens Of Heavens
  227. He That Sanctifieth
  228. He That Searcheth The Hearts
  229. He That Seeth Me
  230. He That Shall Come (Jesus)
  231. He That Shall Have Dominion (Jesus)
  232. He That Sitteth In The Heavens
  233. He That Sitteth Upon The Circle Of The Earth
  234. He That Sitteth Upon The Throne
  235. He That Smote Egypt In Their Firstborn
  236. He That Spared Not His Own Son (The Father)
  237. He That Speaketh From Heaven
  238. He That Strengtheneth The Spoiled Against The Strong
  239. He That Stretched Out The Earth Above The Waters
  240. He That Took Me Out Of The Womb
  241. He That Treadeth Upon The High Places Of The Earth
  242. He That Turneth The Shadow Of Death Into The Morning
  243. He That Washed Us From Our Sins (Jesus)
  244. He That Worketh Miracles Among You
  245. He Which Baptizeth With The Holy Ghost (Jesus)
  246. He Which Divided The Red Sea Into Parts
  247. He Which Giveth Life Unto The World
  248. He Which Hath Anointed Us
  249. He Which Hath The Sharp Sword With Two Edges
  250. He Which Is, And Which Was, And Which Is To Come
  251. He Which Is Perfect In Knowledge
  252. He Which Led His People Through The Wilderness
  253. He Which Searcheth The Reins And Hearts
  254. He Which Smote Great Kings
  255. He Which Stablisheth Us With You In Christ
  256. He Which Was Ordained Of God To Be The Judge Of Quick And Dead (Jesus)
  257. He Who Alone Doeth Great Wonders
  258. He Who Hath Builded The House (Jesus)
  259. He Who Hath Called You Out Of Darkness Into His Marvelous Light
  260. He Who Hath His Eyes Like Unto A Flame Of Fire
  261. He Who Walketh In The Midst Of The Seven Golden Candlesticks
  262. He Who Worketh All Things After The Counsel Of His Own Will
  263. He Whom God Hath Sent (Jesus)
  264. He With Whom We Have To Do
  265. Head Of The Body, The Church (Jesus)
  266. Health Of My Countenance
  267. Heir Of All Things (Jesus)
  268. Helper Of The Fatherless
  269. High Priest For Ever After The Order Of Melchizedek (Jesus)
  270. His Anointed (Jesus)
  271. His Dear Son (Jesus)
  272. His Son From Heaven (Jesus)
  273. His Spirit That Dwelleth In You
  274. His Unspeakable Gift (Jesus)
  275. Holy Ghost
  276. Holy One Of Israel
  277. Holy Spirit
  278. Holy Spirit Of Promise
  279. Hope Of His People
  280. Hope Of Israel (Jesus)
  281. Hope Of Israel, The Savior Thereof In Time Of Trouble
  282. Horn Of My Salvation
  283. House Of Defense
  284. I Am
  285. I Am That I Am
  286. I That Speak In Righteousness, Mighty To Save
  287. Image Of The Invisible God (Jesus)
  288. Immanuel [God With Us] (Jesus)
  289. Jah
  290. Jealous
  291. Jehovah (Yhwh)
  292. Jesus
  293. Jesus Christ
  294. Jesus Christ Our Lord
  295. Jesus Christ The Righteous
  296. Jesus Of Nazareth
  297. Jesus The Mediator Of The New Covenant
  298. Jesus, Thou Son Of God Most High
  299. Jesus, Which Delivered Us From The Wrath To Come
  300. Judge Of All The Earth
  301. Judge Of Quick And Dead (Jesus)
  302. Justifier Of Him Which Believeth In Jesus
  303. King Forever And Ever
  304. King Of All The Earth
  305. King Of Glory
  306. King Of Heaven
  307. King Of Israel
  308. King Of Kings
  309. King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords
  310. King Of Nations
  311. King Of Saints
  312. King Of The Jews (Jesus)
  313. Lamb Of God (Jesus)
  314. Light Of The Gentiles (Jesus)
  315. Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah (Jesus)
  316. Lord Also Of The Sabbath
  317. Lord And Christ
  318. Lord And Savior Jesus Christ
  319. Lord God
  320. Lord God Almighty
  321. Lord God Of Abraham, Isaac, And Israel
  322. Lord God Of Hosts
  323. Lord God Of Israel
  324. Lord God Of My Salvation
  325. Lord God Of Our Fathers
  326. Lord God Of Recompense
  327. Lord God Of The Hebrews
  328. Lord God Of The Holy Prophets
  329. Lord God Of Truth
  330. Lord God Omnipotent
  331. Lord God Which Gathereth The Outcasts Of Israel
  332. Lord, Holy And True
  333. Lord Jesus
  334. Lord Most High
  335. Lord Of All (Jesus)
  336. Lord Of Hosts
  337. Lord Of Glory
  338. Lord Of Kings
  339. Lord Of Lords
  340. Lord Of Peace
  341. Lord Of Sabaoth
  342. Lord Of The Whole Earth
  343. Lord On High
  344. Lord Our God
  345. Lord Our Lord
  346. Lord, Which Art, And Wast, And Shalt Be
  347. Majesty On High
  348. Master
  349. Mediator Of A Better Covenant (Jesus)
  350. Mediator Of The New Testament (Jesus)
  351. Mighty God Of Jacob
  352. Mighty One Of Israel
  353. Mine Elect (Jesus)
  354. Mine Holy One
  355. Most Mighty
  356. Most Upright
  357. My Beloved
  358. My Beloved Son (Jesus)
  359. My Buckler
  360. My Defense
  361. My Defense And Refuge In The Day Of My Trouble
  362. My Deliverer
  363. My Exceeding Joy
  364. My Father
  365. My Father's God
  366. My [God's] Firstborn, Higher Than The Kings Of The Earth (Jesus)
  367. My Fortress
  368. My Friend
  369. My Glory
  370. My God
  371. My Goodness
  372. My Help
  373. My Hiding Place
  374. My Hiding Place And My Shield
  375. My High Tower
  376. My Hope
  377. My Hope In The Day Of Evil
  378. My Judge
  379. My King
  380. My Lamp
  381. My Love
  382. My Portion For Ever
  383. My Portion In The Land Of The Living
  384. My Praise
  385. My Redeemer
  386. My Refuge
  387. My Refuge And My Portion
  388. My Refuge In The Day Of Affliction
  389. My Rock
  390. My Salvation
  391. My Savior
  392. My [God's] Servant (Jesus)
  393. My [God's] Servant David (Jesus)
  394. My Shepherd
  395. My Shield
  396. My Song
  397. My Stay
  398. My Strength And Power
  399. My Strength And Song
  400. My Strong Habitation, Whereunto I May Continually Resort
  401. My Strong Refuge
  402. My Strong Rock
  403. My Trust From My Youth
  404. One Lord
  405. One Mediator Between God And Men (Jesus)
  406. Only Begotten Of The Father (Jesus)
  407. Only Begotten Son Of God (Jesus)
  408. Our Captain
  409. Our Dwelling Place
  410. Our Father
  411. Our Father Which Is In Heaven
  412. Our Guide
  413. Our Lawgiver
  414. Our Life
  415. Our Lord Jesus Christ
  416. Our Peace
  417. Our Potter
  418. Our Savior Jesus Christ
  419. Portion Of Jacob
  420. Portion Of Mine Inheritance And Of My Cup
  421. Possessor Of Heaven And Earth
  422. Precious Corner Stone
  423. Prince Of Life (Jesus)
  424. Prince Of Peace (Jesus)
  425. Prince Of Princes
  426. Prince Of The Kings Of The Earth
  427. Promise Of The Father (Holy Spirit)
  428. Redeemer Of Israel
  429. Refuge For The Oppressed
  430. Refuge From The Storm
  431. Refuge In Times Of Trouble
  432. Righteous Branch (Jesus)
  433. Righteous Father
  434. Rivers Of Water In A Dry Place
  435. Rock Of Israel
  436. Rock Of My Refuge
  437. Rock Of My Salvation
  438. Rock Of My Strength
  439. Root Of David (Jesus)
  440. Root Of Jesse (Jesus)
  441. Ruler In Israel
  442. Salvation Of God (Jesus)
  443. Salvation Of Israel
  444. Saving Strength Of His Anointed
  445. Savior Of All Men
  446. Savior Of The World (Jesus)
  447. Seed Of Abraham (Jesus)
  448. Shepherd And Bishop Of Your Souls
  449. Shepherd Of Israel
  450. Shield Of Thy Help
  451. Shiloh (Jesus)
  452. Son Of David (Jesus)
  453. Son Of God (Jesus)
  454. Son Of Man (Jesus)
  455. Son Of The Blessed (Jesus)
  456. Son Of The Father (Jesus)
  457. Son Of The Highest (Jesus)
  458. Son Of The Living God (Jesus)
  459. Spirit Of Adoption
  460. Spirit Of Christ
  461. Spirit Of Counsel And Might
  462. Spirit Of Glory And Of God
  463. Spirit Of God
  464. Spirit Of Grace
  465. Spirit Of Holiness
  466. Spirit Of Knowledge And Of The Fear Of The Lord
  467. Spirit Of Life
  468. Spirit Of The Living God
  469. Spirit Of The Lord
  470. Spirit Of Truth
  471. Spirit Of Wisdom And Understanding
  472. Stone Of Israel
  473. Strength Of Israel
  474. Strength Of My Heart
  475. Strength Of My Salvation
  476. Sun Of Righteousness (Jesus)
  477. Sword Of Thy Excellency
  478. That Eternal Life (Jesus)
  479. That Man Whom He Hath Ordained (Jesus)
  480. The Almighty
  481. The Amen
  482. The Beginning And The Ending
  483. The Beginning, The Firstborn From The Dead (Jesus)
  484. The Branch Of Righteousness (Jesus)
  485. The Breaker (As In, The Deliverer -- See Micah 2:13)
  486. The Bridegroom (Jesus)
  487. The Brightness Of His Glory (Jesus)
  488. The Chief Corner Stone (Jesus)
  489. The Chief Shepherd (Jesus)
  490. The Christ
  491. The Christ Of God
  492. The Comforter (Holy Spirit)
  493. The Deliverer (Jesus)
  494. The Earnest Of Our Inheritance (Holy Spirit)
  495. The Eternal God
  496. The Eternal Spirit
  497. The Express Image Of His Person (Jesus)
  498. The Faithful And True Witness
  499. The Faithful God
  500. The Fear Of Isaac
  501. The First And The Last
  502. The First-Begotten (Jesus)
  503. The Glorious Lord
  504. The Glory In The Midst Of Her [Jerusalem]
  505. The Godhead
  506. The Great And Dreadful God
  507. The Great God
  508. The Great God That Formed All Things
  509. The Great, The Mighty God
  510. The Great, The Mighty, And The Terrible God ("Terrible" Means "Awesome" In Kjv)
  511. The Head (Jesus)
  512. The Head Of The Corner (Jesus)
  513. The High And Lofty One That Inhabiteth Eternity
  514. The High God
  515. The High God Their Redeemer
  516. The Highest
  517. The Holy
  518. The Holy One
  519. The Holy One And The Just (Jesus)
  520. The Holy One In The Midst Of Thee
  521. The Holy One Of God (Jesus)
  522. The Hope Of Their Fathers
  523. The Husbandman (The Father)
  524. The Invisible God
  525. The Just One
  526. The King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible
  527. The Lamb (Jesus)
  528. The Lamb Slain From The Foundation Of The World (Jesus)
  529. The Lamb That Was Slain (Jesus)
  530. The Last Adam (Jesus)
  531. The Lifter Up Of Mine Head
  532. The Light
  533. The Light Of The World (Jesus)
  534. The Living Bread Which Came Down From Heaven (Jesus)
  535. The Living Father
  536. The Living God
  537. The Lord From Heaven (Jesus)
  538. The Lord Mighty In Battle
  539. The Lord My Banner
  540. The Lord My Strength
  541. The Lord Our Maker
  542. The Lord Our Righteousness
  543. The Lord Strong And Mighty
  544. The Lord That Doth Sanctify You
  545. The Lord That Healeth Thee
  546. The Lord That Is Faithful
  547. The Lord That Maketh All Things
  548. The Lord That Smiteth
  549. The Lord The God
  550. The Lord, The God Of Hosts
  551. The Lord The Judge
  552. The Lord Thy God
  553. The Lord Thy God From The Land Of Egypt
  554. The Lord Thy God In The Midst Of Thee
  555. The Lord Thy Redeemer
  556. The Lord Which Hallows You
  557. The Lord Which Will Help Thee
  558. The Lord Your God Which Goeth Before You
  559. The Lord's Christ (Jesus)
  560. The Majesty In The Heavens
  561. The Messiah (Jesus)
  562. The Messiah The Prince (Jesus)
  563. The Mighty God
  564. The Most High
  565. The Most High God
  566. The Most High Over All The Earth
  567. The Most Holy (Jesus)
  568. The Only Lord God
  569. The Only True God
  570. The Only Wise God
  571. The Only Wise God Our Savior
  572. The Pearl Of Great Price
  573. The Prophet (Jesus)
  574. The Propitiation For Our Sins (Jesus)
  575. The Resurrection, And The Life (Jesus)
  576. The Righteous Judge
  577. The Righteous Lord
  578. The Rock
  579. The Rock That Begat Thee
  580. The Rock That Is Higher Than I
  581. The Root And The Offspring Of David (Jesus)
  582. The Seven Spirits Of God (Holy Spirit)
  583. The Shadow Of A Great Rock In A Weary Land
  584. The Son (Jesus)
  585. The Spirit
  586. The Spirit Of His Son (Holy Spirit)
  587. The Spirit Of Your Father
  588. The Stone Which The Builders Disallowed (Jesus)
  589. The True Bread From Heaven (Jesus)
  590. The True God
  591. The True Light (Jesus)
  592. The True Vine (Jesus)
  593. The Uncorruptible God
  594. The Way, The Truth, And The Life (Jesus)
  595. The Word (Jesus)
  596. The Word Of God (Jesus)
  597. The Word Of Life (Jesus)
  598. Thine Everlasting Light
  599. Thine Husband
  600. Thou Preserver Of Men
  601. Thou That Dwellest Between The Cherubim
  602. Thou That Dwellest In The Heavens
  603. Thou That Hearest Prayer
  604. Thou That Inhabitest The Praises Of Israel
  605. Thou That Leadest Joseph Like A Flock
  606. Thou That Liftest Me Up From The Gates Of Death
  607. Thou That Savest By Thy Right Hand
  608. Thou Whom My Soul Loveth
  609. Thy Creator
  610. Thy Exceeding Great Reward
  611. Thy Father That Hath Bought Thee
  612. Thy God That Pleadeth The Cause Of His People
  613. Thy Good Spirit
  614. Thy Holy Child Jesus
  615. Thy Keeper
  616. Thy Life, And The Length Of Thy Days
  617. Thy Lord The Lord
  618. Thy Maker
  619. Thy Shade Upon Thy Right Hand
  620. Tower Of Salvation
  621. Wonderful
  622. Your Dread
  623. Your Fear
  624. Your Heavenly Father
  625. Your Holy One
I began re-reading scripture with the Original names and trying to think of what the Hebrews/Jews were thinking as they read and prayed.
The question came, "What are YOU thinking, Gary, when YOU read and pray using these names?" and I refocused.
So, I pose this question to you, in closing:
"What are YOU thinking, ____, when YOU read and pray using any of these names?"
And, of course, since your answer is personal, I would not expect a reply.
Have a wonderful Evening and Day.

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