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If The Law Will Not Help Me, What Can I/We Do?!?!

The following are accounts of God or his angels harming and killing individual people or destroying entire cities with their populations.


Genesis 19
19 The two angels came to Sodom in the evening as Lot was sitting in the gateway. When Lot saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed with his face touching the ground. He said, “Please, gentlemen, why don’t you come to my home and spend the night? You can wash your feet there. Then early tomorrow morning you can continue your journey.” “No,” they answered, “we’d rather spend the night in the city square.”
But he insisted so strongly that they came with him and went into his home. He prepared a special dinner for them, baked some unleavened bread, and they ate. Before they had gone to bed, all the young and old male citizens of Sodom surrounded the house. They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”
Then Lot went outside and shut the door behind him. “Please, my friends, don’t be so wicked,” he said. “Look, I have two daughters who have never had sex. Why don’t you let me bring them out to you? Do whatever you like with them. But don’t do anything to these men, since I’m responsible for them.”
But the men yelled, “Get out of the way! This man came here to stay awhile. Now he wants to be our judge! We’re going to treat you worse than those men.” They pushed hard against Lot and lunged forward to break down the door. 10 The men inside reached out, pulled Lot into the house with them, and shut the door. 11 Then they struck all the men who were in the doorway of the house, young and old alike, with blindness so that they gave up trying to find the door.

Cities destroyed

14 So Lot went out and spoke to the men engaged to his daughters. He said, “Hurry! Get out of this place, because Yahweh is going to destroy the city.” But they thought he was joking.
21 The angel said to him, “Alright, I will grant you this request too. I will not destroy the city you’re talking about. 22 Run there quickly, because I can’t do anything until you get there.” (The city is named Zoar [Small].)
23 The sun had just risen over the land as Lot came to Zoar. 24 Then Yahweh made burning sulfur and fire rain out of heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah. 25 He destroyed those cities, the whole plain, all who lived in the cities, and whatever grew on the ground. 26 Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a column of salt.
29 When Elohim destroyed the cities on the plain, Elohim remembered Abraham. Lot was allowed to escape from the destruction that came to the cities where he was living.
Psalm 78
29 They ate more than enough.
    He gave them what they wanted,
30 but they still wanted more.
    While the food was still in their mouths,
31 the anger of Elohim flared up against them.
    He killed their strongest men
    and slaughtered the best young men in Israel.

34 When he killed some of them, the rest searched for him. They turned from their sins and eagerly looked for El.
35 They remembered that Elohim was their rock, that El Elyon was their Go’el.

44 He turned their rivers into blood so that they could not drink from their streams.
45 He sent a swarm of flies that bit them and frogs that ruined them.
46 He gave their crops to grasshoppers and their produce to locusts.
47 He killed their vines with hail and their fig trees with frost.
48 He let the hail strike their cattle and bolts of lightning strike their livestock.
49 He sent his burning anger, rage, fury, and hostility against them. He sent an army of destroying angels.
50 He cleared a path for his anger. He did not spare them. He let the plague take their lives.
51 He slaughtered every firstborn in Egypt, the ones born in the tents of Ham when their fathers were young.

2 Kings 19:35 and Isaiah 37:35 
 It happened that night. Yahweh’s angel went out and killed 185,000 soldiers in the Assyrian camp. When the Judeans got up early in the morning, they saw all the corpses.
God - Elohim - Yahweh has a mean side and WILL use it.

The following are accounts of God’s people using resources available to them to kill people.

2Ki 1:8 
And they answered him, He was an hairy man, and girt with a girdle of leather about his loins. And he said, It is Elijah the Tishbite.
9 Then the king sent unto him a captain of fifty with his fifty. And he went up to him: and, behold, he sat on the top of an hill. And he spake unto him, Thou man of God, the king hath said, Come down.
10 And Elijah answered and said to the captain of fifty, If I be a man of God, then let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And there came down fire from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.
11 Again also he sent unto him another captain of fifty with his fifty. And he answered and said unto him, O man of God, thus hath the king said, Come down quickly.
12 And Elijah answered and said unto them, If I be a man of God, let fire come down from heaven, and consume thee and thy fifty. And the fire of God came down from heaven, and consumed him and his fifty.
13 And he sent again a captain of the third fifty with his fifty. And the third captain of fifty went up, and came and fell on his knees before Elijah, and besought him, and said unto him, O man of God, I pray thee, let my life, and the life of these fifty thy servants, be precious in thy sight.
14 Behold, there came fire down from heaven, and burnt up the two captains of the former fifties with their fifties: therefore let my life now be precious in thy sight.
15 And the angel of the LORD said unto Elijah, Go down with him: be not afraid of him. And he arose, and went down with him unto the king.

Elisha Purifies Jericho’s Water

2 Kings 2:23
From there he went to Bethel. As he walked along the road, some boys came out of the city and mocked him. They said, “Go away, baldy! Go away!” Looking back, he saw them and cursed them in Yahweh’s name. Two bears came out of the woods and tore 42 of these youths apart.  He left that place, went to Mount Carmel, and returned to Samaria.

Paul disciplines

1 Timothy 1:20
Among these people are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan in order to teach them not to dishonor God.

Regular People with God’s Power

Mark 9:38 and Luke 9:49
[ Using the Name of Jesus ] John said to Yeshua, “Teacher, we saw someone forcing demons out of a person by using the power and authority of your name. We tried to stop him because he was not one of us.”
Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13
So then, “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
Luke 9
People from a Samaritan Village Reject Jesus
51 The time was coming closer for Yeshua to be taken to heaven. So he was determined to go to Jerusalem. 52 He sent messengers ahead of him. They went into a Samaritan village to arrange a place for him to stay. 53 But the people didn’t welcome him, because he was on his way to Jerusalem. 54 James and John, his disciples, saw this. They asked, “Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to burn them up?” 55 But he turned and corrected them.[a] 56 So they went to another village.
NOTE: Luke 9:55 Some manuscripts and translations add “‘You don’t know the kind of spirit that is influencing you. The Son of Man didn’t come to destroy people’s lives but to save them,’ he said.”
Matthew 16:19
I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you imprison, God will imprison. And whatever you set free, God will set free.”
Matthew 16:19 
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Matthew 18:18  
I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you imprison, God will imprison. And whatever you set free, God will set free.
Matthew 18:18 
Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
Matthew 18:19 
 “I can guarantee again that if two of you agree on anything here on earth, my Father in heaven will accept it. 20 Where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them.”
I could continue but am not writing a book. My point is to stir your minds, in this dangerous time we live, to know and understand what protection God has provided each of us.
·       I have to sleep sometime so weapons will not always provide a safe defense.
·       When weapons can be used, you may find yourself in jail because some states protect the criminal from their victims.
I came to the conclusion that using God’s resources will protect me and family from enemies/criminals/bullies IF I know how and when to use them.
Jesus rebuked James and John because of their improper attitude toward the crowd. What he DID NOT do was tell them they could not call down fire from Heaven, because they could. The REASON was not correct.

Meditate on this:

Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13
So then, “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
Any person on this planet may call on the name of the Lord (Jesus) and be saved from whatever! I have read and heard testimonies from adult men and women, youth, and children of being protected or saved from lethal situations.
I am not against using weapons for defense or offense BUT who can charge you with a crime if your attacker is injured or killed by an animal or lightning bolt. Hmmmmm?
Since God has and has used his Mean side, let's stay on his Good side and channel his bad side toward those that come against us.
Any person intending to use some form of weapon to defend themselves know they must train often to stay prepared. Studying God’s word and practicing scenarios using the words you would say is the same principle.
We are not Jedi’s, yet, going thru security at airports with certain supernatural abilities could make the venture an Adventure.
Have a wonderful life and stay safe.

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