Friday, April 19, 2013

Did He Talk To You Today? What Did You Reply Or Do?

Hey, it’s Me again. Haven’t written in awhile. We are at the Lake house fixing and resting and fixing some more. This morning I was weed eating and edging and in the mist of my proud effort, I noticed more things (BIG THINGS) that needed repair. I pulled up a chair and had “a little talk with Jesus”.

Thought it was time to admit, “I CANNOT FIND YOU” and confess, “WE CANNOT AFFORD TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE HERE!”. This place, like any other house needs people living in it and maintaining it to be a home that continues on. Otherwise, it dries up, falls apart and dies. To maintain requires RESOURCES called MONEY; LOTS and LOTS of money.

As typically happens, after my declaration, this quite gentle voice reminds me of a tree stump. I’ll skip the history of the stump. He reminded me I often said, in my heart, “I want that thing GONE to improve the lawnscape. I do not remember asking him to remove it, I just wanted it gone and I could not do it.

Some time passed and one day while visiting the Lake, I walked down to the water and IT WAS GONE. I was one 1 happy person and thanked God for the pretty shoreline. I quickly understood that all I had to do was desire in my heart. We modern Christians are taught to make this life with him so HARD and most of my experiences prove it is MUCH easier than we believe.

Anyway, back to my point. I have been wanting this trailer, add-ons removed and a new place (doublewide log home) installed. Realizing my heart’s desire, I voiced it and commented, “however you choose to do so AND when, it’s yours”.

I read a blog, recently, that I am still chewing on: Unfortunately, I failed to store it and cannot remember the title.

The author posed a hypothetical considering the complexities of humankind and the Gospel. The Apostle Paul wrote about his approach to people in various cultures, lifestyles and professions and although there is only One Gospel he modified his presentations.

One God created … so varied and complex, the greatest minds continue to be baffled by the simplest of creatures. How often I read or hear, “we declared ‘it’ was this way, but we discovered we were wrong and NOW declare ‘it’ is this way”. My point is, don’t believe anyone who tells you God only works “this way” when using people or communicating with them. Observe the variety of humans, birds, grass, insects, snowflakes, and you will quickly agree God has a variety of actions.

I know people that were baptized in the Holy Ghost/Spirit at home, in their car, at work, in church, taking a bath, etc. speaking in Tongues. I also know people that speak in Tongues regularly daily and those that do so once a month or less. Prophets live and work today as they have for centuries, even though many in authority declare there are no modern Prophets. So much for the experts.

God’s desire to communicate with his greatest creation, humans, is greater than ours. If we listen for his voice, we can and will hear him. I talk in Tongues every day just as I speak in my native tongue every day. Our God and I visit every day and converse as friends every day just like any human friends do; AND I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE doing so.

I read the testimony of a young lady on the mission field that answered the prayer request of a local blind woman. The request was spontaneous and so was her prayer and God gave the woman sight within seconds. The lady tested her sight for about twenty minutes by looking at the missionary and other items to keep proving she could REALLY SEE. No bands, well dressed people, people with great names, magnificent building, just two people that believed God’s Written and Spoken Word.

·       First, know what his Word says.

·       Second, know His voice.

·       Third, act on both.

My daughter, Susan, and I started rereading the Bible slowly this year and thinking about what we read. During our daily conversations, we discovered we were doing the same action and discovering a Brand New Book. Try it.

Time to go.

·       Make a mistake? Try again a different way.

·       Get insulted, mocked, condemned? Pick another audience or friends.

God bless.

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