Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Which Group(s) Are YOU Assigned To?

Which check box or radial do you select when filling out an application form? You know the ones that some ambiguous person or department devised to categorize humans. I have questioned their origin, use, validity and accuracy for decades only to watch increasing numbers of the categories.

First we had:
Male or Female
Black or White

Male or Female
Black or White
US Citizen or Other

Let' skip a few decades to:
Check one of each of the following 17 categories that will allow US to profile you. BTW, check the one(s) that will best favor you being accepted to an "institution of higher learning", being hired or given the best raises. Accuracy is not as important as the Reality of you being accepted.

To add to the judgmental arena, we develop a list for ourselves and faithfully check it.
  • I am fat, thin, too tall or too short.
  • I should have been able to answer ALL the questions correctly.
  • Am I denying my needs and my family's needs to work harder, longer and faster? Why not?
  • I should have treated that client, customer, co-worker, slob better.
  • Why didn't I get that degree?
  • Why didn't I continue for the Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degree?
  • I am too young, too old, too...
I watched a program on CNN titled, "What is BLACK in America?". It was sobering and an education. They interviewed teenage students in a Philadelphia school program regarding their thoughts of what Black meant to them in America. Several adults were selected for their opinions of the students' thoughts and comments.

The students were insightful, sensitive, honest and vulnerable with their life experiences living in a White world, Black world, and Black/White world. Once again I was reminded how brutal people can be to one another with words or actions that leave no physical mark.

The question of why we label and categorize each other rose its persistent head, as it has done for most of my adult life, and waited for an answer. My opinion is we are wired to do this and we respond, with excitement, for a chance to do so; we are also inconspicuously educated to place one another in a box.


College Educated
Police Officer
On and On and On...

there is and we deserve the best of every thing and THEY DO NOT!

Who are THEY?

Anyone NOT in your clearly defined and criteria oriented Group!

And there, you have it.

My conclusion(?); civilized(?) humanity is regressing by digressing from our original stated, proven methods of living harmonious, peaceful, productive, and progressive lives with each other and the "new" neighbors in our hood.

A large segment of the population is persuaded that we can do ANYTHING we dream or think of. Every day we can read or hear or see where a new and better technology, process, or event has been created or developed to advance the arts, medicines, mental prowess, skills in language learning and retention. All these were and are brought to life and use by a HUMAN; so why don't we change ourselves morally?


I know, I know, the 1 or 2 of you who have it together don't agree with this.
Get into a fine Bible based church.
Develop a great set of friends doing the same.
Rediscover yourself and Redefine yourself.
December 21 can be The End of an Old Life and Start of a New One.
Celebrate Jesus' birthday- December 25- by  celebrating Your New Life.
Throw away both Checklists.

If I do, will that fix the problem??
Make this Christmas time a Wonderful and Enjoyable Beginning.

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