Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Bad Then The Good!

We watch our world disintegrating daily on every media available. I read a comment after the Mayan calendar ended and nothing visible happened. The author noted certain events, then said, “Maybe they were right after all and the end of the world has begun”. Since that time, every type of negative scenario has accelerated, in every country.  One type of people continues to try stopping the annihilation of every major living group on Earth and the other type are equally committed to the homicide of Earth’s inhabitants.

I cut flowers and weeds and branches and placed them in clay on a metal platter. During class, I asked the students which of the items were dead. Some answered, the weeds, others the  weeds and branches. Several observed that ALL the items were dead. The flowers and branches did not display their death until later.

When leaders and their supporters cut themselves off from the Source of Life, their thinking and decisions produce death that appears to live. In every good story and movie, the bad guys win for most of the story, UNTIL near the end. THEN the good guys are strengthened, inspired an empowered. Usually, recovery and rebuilding are implied as the scene fades.

Keep doing what is RIGHT!!!

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