Thursday, December 12, 2013

One More Disappointment...

I have been a fan of Ancient Aliens for several years. Their presentations were structured, logical, charismatic, plausible. Occasionally, a remark or episode seemed a stretch but overall I tended to agree.
Recently, I opened a site of rebuttals to AA and OMG, was I slapped down. And sad. And disappointed.
Not sad or disappointed because the Truth surfaced but because I trusted the AA staff.

As with a great number of people, I have enjoyed a fascination with natural and super natural phenomenon since my teens. I learned to approach this subject with caution because, rarely, was hard evidence available to support the claims. As an adult, in the military and certain government organizations, I also learned hard evidence, such as ground samples, radar recordings, certain photos or videos could endanger one's career.
But, still, what were these and why were they?
After reading the "other side" of the coin, I am convinced entities mentioned in the Bible have certain liberties on Earth and in the Heavens. AND I am convinced we do not have to exaggerate or lie to prove their existence
You let me and others down, AA Staff. Shame on you.

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