Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm 67 And Have Learned Something...

but what did I actually learn?
We are going to live and die and in-between it's anybody's guess. There seems to be more Chiefs than Braves and those Chiefs believe they know more than any Brave.
Give a person a label and a beast is formed.
What is just as bad is people giving themselves labels that please them.
You know the layout.
I struggle with this everyday. My label is Entitled, and I believe I am entitled to have MY way and get upset when someone gets in my way.
  • The person STOPPED at the Stop sign, waiting for some unknown event, to me, for them to proceed.
  • The slooooow driver in front of me - especially when they are texting.
  • The manager type person hindering my progress to bless our department.
Actually, I am FINALLY arriving at the intersection of Revelation. I do not fit anywhere and am not entitled to anything. I have been following a personal choice of action most of my adult life, INSTEAD of following the uncomfortable path of design. Oddly, the frustration causing anger propelled me toward this conclusion.
I don't fit in the church format or secular business career environment. Just finished reading a blog, I follow, and recommend it to you.

The Future of Modern Reject by Nicole Cottrell

Ecc 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens:

Nicole is entering her season for her purpose. All of us have a season and purpose and they vary greatly. God knows. I belong IN the Lord's Body - The Church, but do not fit well with the Earthly format/structure. Some having experienced similar problems became discouraged and 1st-left their Earthly assembly, then 2nd-left God.

You and I and our neighbor are not required to believe everything the same. Some processes have to be agreed on by all for the common good:
  • obeying traffic lights and signs
  • obeying speed restrictions on public roads
  • salvation requirements
  • respecting other's property rights
  • etc.
My wife and I enjoy traveling nationally and internationally AND realize discomforts and inconveniences are part of the package. Different cultures, geography, architecture, add to our ability to understand and relate to others. Our ability to pursue these dreams have often been hindered by poor decisions but they are all possible while we breathe.

Our United States of America is a wonderful country of diversity. With a few exceptions, we can visit almost every international culture characteristic within this country. People give up much to come to America for the freedoms and opportunities available here.

With all we have, my wife and I still find ourselves drawn to other places and I have always wanted to speak multiple languages. Speaking a language does not automatically include the cultural feelings like living in the source of that language. I will never BE a Turkish, Spanish, Italian or Greek native and obviously will never have the true psychological grasp of being a native, learned this from missionaries.

YET, attempting to learn and speak another person's language endears yourself to them.

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