Friday, November 8, 2013

Consider My Hypothesis

  • Israel was officially recognized as a nation 1948.
  • A Biblical generation = 80 years,
  • Presidential term = 4 years: Several were re-elected to serve 2 terms. None served more,
  • Governments develop welfare citizens to control them,
  • True Wealth is our Time: used to improve self, family and community,
  • Money is the standard of commerce
  • Currency is Money's public substitute.
Approximately, 2028 could complete a Biblical 80 years generation.
  • Wealth is an equal commodity available to free people.
  • Money is a standard used to develop commerce and is congregated for security and control.
  • Currency is the accepted Money substitute for common daily use.
  • There have been and always will be some form of bartering.
  • People will sacrifice Wealth for Currency/Money.
  • A Faction of any population will hoard Money for its intrinsic perceived power of influence and control.
Our World and Earth is very visibly volatile. Half is natural (storms, earthquakes, droughts) and the other half is human made (pollution, animal and plant extermination). The Bible speaks of Tribulation (7 years) and Great Tribulation ( one half of the seven years) in the time before Jesus returns.

Now, let's consider 2028-2013= 15 years. Our current president is in his second term of four years and unless some catastrophic political upheaval happened, he will be gone in 3 more years. Almost anything thing he puts in place can be reversed or ignored, UNLESS the government continues enforcing existing laws and ordinances.

The governments are picking their war partners:
  • Communism versus Democracy
  • Catholic versus Protestant
  • Muslim Versus Christian versus Hindu
  • Israel(and partners) versus the World
The Bible tells us a political system will appear and the government will demand allegiance from the populace. The government will use a technical system that will control who can use grocery stores, gasoline stations, etc.; which means anyone able to live off the land (hunters, farmers, gardeners, fishers) will be able to survive and reject the system. Doing this within a city will be challenging but WAY OUTSIDE can happen.

I am not a survivalist, by vocation or nature, but can adapt. America has Woods and Mountains that have supported Native Americans and others for a thousand years. 15 years -7 years = 8 years to prepare ourselves places of safety and survival.

There is another thought that life will just continue as it always has and I will consider that. If, none of the previous events take place, we still have to consider the daily:
  • destruction of forests (for building),
  • moving clean land and water (for energy),
  • consumption of clean water (for a continually increasing population),
  • killing animals (for ivory, medicines, etc.) to extinction
    • I just read the Black Rhinoceros is officially extinct.
Every living thing on Earth is connected directly or indirectly and necessary for the balance of life. We can and have adapted to past extinctions of certain animals or plants but what happens when we erase whole systems at a time? Convincing greedy, self-centered groups of people that their action are dangerous to our survival does not work. You cannot rationally discuss life with the dead.

Humans require clean air, water, and land for food and clothing. The natural eco system provides the cleansing of these basics for our and their use. As large corporations efficiently and systematically destroy natural habitat, they are preparing our extinction.

Nature seems to go offensive, at times, in apparent effort to terminate the threat (humans) to it. This week, the strongest typhoon ever recorded hit the Philippians. Each quarter, each year produces stronger storms, of every type, greater number of earthquakes, catastrophic tsunamis.

I believe most of us do not have any choice of what is going to happen but we do have choices in how we prepare and respond. I plan to use resources to alert people, travel, live well, deal with occasional depression, enjoy the best of life and greet God.

Have a great day.
Comments are welcome.

Spent the past hours writing this and watching SCI channel's Survivor man's Survival Secrets.

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