Monday, October 21, 2013


I just realized, this is the only picture I have reminding me of the man I called Dad.
Lowell Wayne Ware
  • Musically Talented: played two types of Guitar and Harmonica
  • Spiritually Gifted: Dreams that saved his and others lives, saw Angels, believed God, read Bible every day, prayed often 
  • Son, Brother, Husband, Father
  • Dairy Man, Pipe Fittter, Hard Worker
  • Troubled, Conflicted, Back Slider
  • Dad loved nice cars, beautiful women(all of them), any thing outdoors
  • Died a lonely, divorced, alcoholic drunk, worrying about his children
I always treated him with respect and responded with Sir in conversations. He was a source of my love of music, trust in God, hard work ethic and frustration. I gradually overcame his negative influences. He gave me wonderful advice, at the correct time, that helped my marriage and eventual return to church and God.


His advice about marriage, how to live, God and parenting always worked for me, even though, he would not attend church, could not stay married and drove his children away. His Headstone is an interesting symbol of his sad troubled life.

37 years ago, my dad died in an elevator between floors in a hospital getting treatment for alcohol related issues. 37 years after he left this life, I still think of him and finally am remembering his positives.

Oct 21, 1976
Well, Dad, the positives stuck and produced great results. Thank you.
PS: I decided to update your marker with a much nicer one similar to your father and mother's. It will be from your children to you.

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  1. awww. . .what a great tribute and show of respect!

    I feel your hurt, and share your angst, as my mother and I were never able to make amends and heal our relationship. She was a hard, angry, difficult woman. . .but I am beginning to understand and forgive. . .and try to understand that it wasn't really our fault (us kids). . .it's a long road to understanding, isn't it?