Sunday, November 25, 2012

Resolutions While I Still Can!

the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.

I am determined to do what I want or think is right, whether right or not. This manner of thinking or acting has been my fundamental way of living and I do not apologize for it. Passing 66 years, I have been convinced by
  1. my health(just trust me here)
  2. my doctors(Oncologist, Ophthalmologist, M.D., Chiropractor, Surgeon, Massage Therapist, and Urologist)
  3. my wife(supportive suggestions)
I must improve my consuming habits or I will be miserable until I leave this fine Earth. I DO NOT DO PAIN! I prefer sedation before having my blood taken from ANYWHERE. When the nurse approaches my finger tip with that Rail Spike disguised as a needle, I ask, "What did I do to You?".

Anyway, recently, and FINALLY I believed everything I was being told and felt. A friend and Pastor has evangelized me for years about acting and eating healthy and I agreed young folks should do so. Recently, I just finished a Coke ice cream float and didn't fell well. I commented to Connye maybe I should not be enjoying these pleasures since the doc just upped my dosage of insulin and added one.
I know, I know, jus sayin'. My M.D. suggested a book 'The Blood Sugar Solution' and made a profound statement (to me), if I acted on the author's instructions, in a few years or less, I would be off ALL the diabetic medicine AND be healthier.

We purchase the book and within the first chapters, the evidence and rationale make known to us and I for decades was there again. Okay, Jesus, flaming bush, over forty years later, I am finally ready.
How many doctors and others have I exhausted? Well, as Paul said, "putting those things behind me..." I press into the change.

This has captured my zeal for accuracy, truth and commitment for success. Let me clarify an important concept here. Size does NOT equate to health. Read Dr. Mark Hyman or the plethora of doctors, dieticians, nutritionists to hear the same message.
We tend to judge by shape or size to determine a person's health and responsible living. This simply is not true but really, who cares. ON with my blog.

I accept my responsibility to my family and my God to SUBMIT to what is correct. Ya know, this whole submission thing is a rip to my/our carnal nature; especially when we are called to submit to that which is right, correct, pure or perfect. What we do on Earth directly relates to what happens in Heaven and the reverse.

I have spent the past week studying nutrition, diets, teas, origins of food processing, types of vitamins and supplements to learn what will work best for us as Seniors. Regardless of how perfect a prepared plan may sound or look, each of us are ultimately responsible for our actions, health and eternal home.

My wife and I are excited for our future, which, does not have to wait until a "New" year.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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