Monday, November 19, 2012

FIRE!! and other ignored warnings.

I woke this morning thinking about preparing for and reacting to emergencies. Certain concerns have been part of my life and irritation to others. Being trapped or confined in an area of danger causes sensitivity to my environment; are there emergency exits, fire alarms, emergency lights, fire extinguishers, guns, etc. I consider these  part of any public facility, including private schools and will request their installment.

I discovered decades ago that many owners and managers place the costs of such items at greater priority than safety of the occupants. Innocence of the differences blinded me to the possible reaction from those in charge when I pressed for updates. Being younger and much more aggressive than now, I developed mind blowing demonstrations to prove my point.

Failing to convince the management, of a private school my daughter was attending, to add security lights to their interior or quick release handles to exterior doors, I procured the cooperation of the supervisor for a real time demo. The interior room had no windows or doors, so as they were inspecting the students, I turned off the main breakers. Although, the supervisor was expecting the loss of power, he confessed later, he had NO clue to how dark BLACK can be.

Outside the building, I counted five seconds and restored power. When life is wonderful and routine and lighted, five seconds does not sound like a long time. An instant, unexpected transition to blindness (cannot see the inside of your eyeball) is mind altering. The lights were approved with my agreement to NEVER do that again.

We had special services with special visitors and I ensured the exit door remained locked. The quick release handles were approved and my entrance to Heaven was placed in probation. Church and Corporate management were not always pleased with my activities and suggestions.

God demo'd a power out, during a storm, and the ushers could not find their flashlights; new emergency lights were installed.

Join me in reflection; The mentioned events were the repercussions of people not contemplating the consequences of inaction.
  • When asked, "What would you do if all the lights went out?" was answered with a contrived scenario, "We would turn on flash lights, light candles, etc."
  • When asked, "What would you do if a fire ignited in _________?" was answered with a contrived scenario, "We would 1) begin removing the students/employees, 2) set the alarm, 3) use Fire Extinguishers."
Contrived scenarios have the intended effect of allaying fears the situation would be out of control; and once calmed all involved return to normal routines believing the fiction. Unplanned and unscheduled demonstrations clearly define fiction from reality, which usually frightens, then angers the sources and acceptors of the original fiction.

To YOU Adults in any Public or Private position of influence over the safety of those assigned to YOU, I propose consideration of:
  • The cost of safety versus injury or death of ONE person.
  • Your personal responsibility for the safety or security of Each and All male or females, under your domain.
  • Your daughter, son or spouse is in an unsafe Academic or Employed area, that could affordably be upgraded but is not.
  • You approved the launch of the Shuttle Challenger.
  • You ignored the policy and safety of the BP rig.
  • You attempted take off in severe weather, knowing your plane was not ready.
  • You approved construction of the Wall, Room, or Building ignoring obvious violations.
The testimony of many involved in the above listed events include:
  • I/we did not know or understand or plan for this.
  • I/we were not prepared or equipped for the severity or speed.
  • I/we followed the written rules and policy (knowing they were not adequate).
Regardless, the Club Burned, the Rig Sunk and the Shuttle Exploded.

Maybe you are asking what my intention for this thought is OR even better THINKING about what action you can and may take. I am not going to answer because this truly is not my responsibility.

Our responsibility  is to act on those things in our life on our path. This weekend I received a course correction from an unexpected source. I decided, this year, to make a conscious effort to stop actions or voicing thoughts that irritate others, as long as no immediate danger exists. With this in mind, this weekend I was encouraged to post my thoughts other places and took this as a course change.

Have you received course corrections that, maybe, irritated or confused you but became a benefit?

I often feel like the Coyote partner to the Road Runner. A safe or piano has to fall on me to alert me to changes; In reality, I would have preferred a safe.

Well it is Christmas before Thanksgiving and all through the house the turkeys are confused seeing decorated trees and hearing those songs already. They are always the other people that drink, drug and drive; SOOOO, our goal is to strategize and compensate. Eat, stay alive, don't fight, enjoy and pray for lots of help from here on.

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