Monday, September 10, 2012

How Old Is That Child?

A friend of mine tells of a event when he was a baby in a crib. He remembers the people in the room, what they were doing and discussing. Many of us know children that think or act much more mature than their physical age. I awoke this morning thinking about events as a child and wondered how my life might have been different. Most adults, I know occasionally ask themselves the same question and the answer may influence how and why we raise our children, as we do.

Before we began the process of birthing a child, I would hear other parents remarking how their baby would react to sounds and activities while still in the womb. I didn't just doubt, I flat did not believe any baby could identify and acknowledge people or songs or animals.

Our Susan came along. 
Jane, her mother, would say, "Susan is excited, or she is tired or she is running." I learned to put my hand on Jane's abdomen and could feel the movement Jane was attributing to an emotion. Susan liked Rock & Roll and the acceleration of our GTO. After she joined us, outside her Mom, she would react the same when hearing certain songs or other sounds. As I was washing the car, Susan would pull herself up in front of the steering wheel and reach as far as she could toward the manual shifter on the floor.
Now to my thought. How might her life have been different, if we had improved our actions? Fortunately, we turned to God early in her life and those influences remain with her today and how she and Larry raise their children.



Well, it SEEMED that fast, and you parents know, time nor children wait on anyone.

One day, in church, I watched two male children run into each other several times. They would back away, throw their chests out and run into each other, fall down and LAUGHHHHH. Over and over. One night, I tried to stop one of these boys from possible damage of equipment; he turned to me and declared I was not his father and could not tell him what to do. He was about thirty inches tall against my five foot seven inches.
He took off to get his dad, still glaring at me and promptly tumbled down the three platform steps, jumped up and headed for the exit.

Here is how I saw him:

This is how he felt and acted:

One child asked me, "You WANT A PIECE OF ME!?"

So, I sat down in a child chair and let him beat on me until he was tired. We actually became good friends, in time.

When speaking to our young grandchildren,  

Answer the Phone, grandchild!

I felt like the following:

Grandperson, are we though here?

My children, grandchildren by blood and adoption (Weatherford), and others, have convinced me, life began much sooner than I ever thought. God knew them before, and we meet them now as we build their foundation for the future. What is interesting and often frustrating is our ability to INFLUENCE but not BIND them to our will. From babies to adults each WILL express their WILL.

Most of our children have grown to Godly adults and hopefully the other will follow. Our grandchildren maturing on their foundations and will provide even better ones for their children. All are healthy and love God.

What more could Grandparents ask? To hear their children:
You didn't have these until, WHEN?

Now watch this 4D projection.

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