Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Truth Is The Way I See It And Hear It. PERIOD!

Have you ever thought or said this OR heard another say it?

"If you want the truth about a matter, come ask me".
I have experienced all three, many times and of course hear, "Who died and left you God?". Many of my working years were with companies that wanted and hired very individualistic, driven people. This philosophy worked fine until the Team Fad came along.

Our system believes in education and training but if both are presented incorrectly, then the results are incorrectly operating people. The - individualistic, driven people - have to be educated and trained to perform in a Team environment or they will respond as they live and work.

I have attended classes and taken surveys to "identify" my personality, temperament, hidden self and was informed I was or am:
  • Blue Green with Yellow and Red
  • Type BA4
  • Primarily Phlegmatic and occasionally Sanguine
  • Asperger
depending on the test. I have taken these declarations and labels seriously and still do but they never fully answered my questions, UNTIL now.

Insights was, in my opinion, the best of the lot and it has taken almost ten years to understand and correctly interpret their data of myself and my view of others. I am convinced others picked up on it much quicker than I, Alex, Tom and Sean, for example. You folks were SO patient with me. My hat is off to you, Ann, for handling the hair remark so well.

We experience the world corporately and these experiences are filtered, sorted, categorized and filed in our individual internal library. Depending on our makeup according to the bullets above, we regurgitate our contents upon request or at liberty with varying degrees of conviction.

 verb (used with object)
to give back or repeat, especially something not fully understood or assimilated: 
to regurgitate the teacher's lectures on the exam.

Quotation by Theodore Roszak

Computers "remember" things in the form of discrete entries: the input of quantities, graphics, words, etc. Each item is separable, perhaps designated by a unique address or file name, and all of it subject to total recall. Unless the machine malfunctions, it can regurgitate everything it has stored exactly as it was entered, whether a single number or a lengthy document. This is what we expect of the machine.
Human memory, on the other hand, is the invisible psychic adhesive that holds our identity together from moment to moment. This makes it a radically different phenomenon from computer memory. For one thing, it is fluid rather than granular, more like a wave than a particle. Like a wave, it spreads through the mind, puddling up here and there in odd personal associations that may be of the most inexplicable kind. It flows not only through the mind, but through the emotions, the senses, the body.
We remember things as no computer can—in our muscles and reflexes: how to swim, play an instrument, use a tool.
Theodore Roszak (b. 1933), U.S. historian, educator. The Cult of Information, Pantheon (1986). Read more at Quotes at Dictionary.Com
WHaattttt...did you say??

Simply put, I owe the next person the courtesy and respect to:
  • Listen attentively
  • Meditate on their view
  • Compare my view with theirs and modify, if worth it
  • Assume the position of subject, instead of King or worse GOD.
My data bank has been on Full Review for the past weeks of certain people in my life. At least 50 years of conscious memories (some might wonder if I had unconscious memories) of those "other" people that did not seem to fit any mold, until NOW. A brother in law, a co-worker, a minister, a teacher, a family member...

I feel better about myself because I am finally realizing the reasons WHY I act like I do. NOW, I am responsible for my actions and words as well as accountable. I also have a refined knowledge and understanding of how and possibly when to use this valuable tool to assist anyone asking for help.
Sixty years - Thank God!

My daughter recently asked if our lake house was "on the water" and as I looked out the window at the lake answered, "It's about 150 ft away" and she replied to her Asperger dad, "And that would be On the water, Dad." Now that I have a definition, I will answer future inquires as Yes.

A stranger once encouraged me, on a rainy, cold, day, in a not so fast food place, far from home, to "Make it a good day. " My filters are in a "continuous adjustment mode" now and I anticipate better experiences, I trust you will also.

Oh, by the way, I am open to suggestions and different views on the truth of that matter.

Victory Happy Dance!!

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