Friday, July 13, 2012

Opportunity or Excuse.

I have always felt different from other people. What seemed simple to others was an obstacle for me; reading and interpreting the menu at any cafeteria or fast food place.
Eventually, I heard about autism and autistic people but didn't spend much time on the topic, until, our grandsons were diagnosed as such. Autism and Asperger are labels for people with certain behavioral characteristics that tend to be at odds with more "normal" social behavior.

Approximately, two years later, and reading numerous articles on the subject, I noticed a familiarity with the descriptions of Asperger and myself. My wife and I have discussed the descriptions compared to several of my actions and agree it could explain why I act as I do.

So let's cut the verbiage, you "wake up" one day and boom, here you are.
  • Your child is born different.
  • You are different and you do not know why.
  • You wake up and cannot move. Stroke.
  • The doctor says your wife/husband has Alzheimer.
  • You are 50+ and discover you are Autistic or Asperger
  • The family illness and support has sucked your finances dry.
No, it isn't going to end soon or easily. No one has your answer, although they have plenty to say and with a lot of conviction.

Are each going to be our opportunity or our excuse?

I really hate to say any of these could be viewed as an opportunity to advance, mature or learn. I would rather excuse myself from doing anything and just crawl into a deep, dark, quiet hole and sit, quietly for a long time.

As you know, excuses run out of energy and the problem is still there and even matured some.

Well what do we do? How about we call on Jesus, focus on him, get close to a really good friend and walk through each day. You may be familiar with the saying, There will be good days and bad days.

The good days will vary in their goodness
The bad days really suck (Slang . to be repellent or disgusting: Poverty sucks.)

As I look back over my life, I am disappointed that I did not know God better and understand his method of talking to me and guiding me. I anticipate my future, in spite of my past errors, because having 50 conscious years of experience, listening and obeying will overcome or at least compensate my deficiencies.

Our daughter was different and I was excited by her abilities. She:
  • could play a piano at 4 and was taking lessons by 8.
  • graduated valedictorian at 16 and received her Associates Degree at 18.
  • had a sensitive spirit and awareness to God.
She had her struggles as many young people do and with God excelled them.

I have watched people struggle with events that stressed every ounce of intergity they had; dark times, very dark times, and with help came through them. Stunned, bruised, weathered and stronger, secure that God was there helping, encouraging, strengthening and carrying, to the bright sunny day of success (the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors).

When Connye and I married we each gained sons and daughters and grand sons and grand daughters. Each of our children and grandchildren are equally precious whether by blood, marriage or bestowal. I trust in God for our future and whatever it holds.

Amen and Amen.

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