Saturday, June 23, 2012

You Just Don't Like Change!!

How many times have we heard this from people in control of the change? People in charge were convinced by those needing commissions or promotions that this new and improved tool will greatly increase productivity and profits.

Subjects, given the new tool, usually do not know how it works, what it is supposed to do or how it does it. If said subjects are trained on the new tool, it is normally very condensed and no one in their right mind expects people with normal abilities to properly learn. So:
  1. The Seller pretends a great service to Society was done and enjoys the commission.
  2. The Buyer pretends a great benefit to the Company has been performed, profits will increase and he/she will benefit professionally.
  3. The Subjects hate numbers 1 and 2 and the new tool. The benefits remain to be discovered but the threat to Subjects' security is RIGHT NOW CURRENT!
The general response to negative reactions from said Subjects is for All In Charge of Whatever to proclaim they just don't like change. Then All In Charge of Whatever go have a refreshing drink and feel good about themselves, because they have revealed their truth to all; and any negative results are not their fault.

During the forty-five years of my career, my ability to discover, repair or reveal the root cause of a given problem was my greatest asset. During my years of support to personnel receiving new software or hardware, I made the correction of this statement the introduction of every assignment. Supporting the human element was always of greater value than just addressing the mechanical issues.

Here is the corrected statement:
People do not mind change, when it comes with proper training and 24/7 support for as long as needed.

In truth, people tend to enjoy upgrades, remodels and advancements when proper instruction is provided. Management, of any type or company, considers instruction and training as a cost instead of an investment.

Now don't threaten your career by giving this explanation to your boss. They will not:
  • listen,
  • agree,
  • believe,
  • accept or,
  • change.
Many are the organizations of credible and proven business professionals that have tried for decades to present this principle, to thousands of other business professionals, with hopes of change.

NOPE, ain't gonna do it. Noway, Nohow!!
Do NOT confuse my fiction with truth!

And there you have it. So, feel better about yourself, eat chocolate, enjoy a drink of your choice and trudge on. The majority of management has no clue if what you are doing is efficient or not, nor do they care; if they did, you would be properly trained, using your new and improved product with efficiency and joy.

To the two incredible managers in my career, thank you.
God  bless.

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