Monday, June 18, 2012

Church - What IS Church?


Body: The Christian Church is the physical presence of Jesus Christ on Earth

Organization: The Church is also an organization of people for dinners, prayers, visitation, studies and other miscellaneous needs

Business: The Church Company is responsible for finances, staff, maintenance, counseling, purchases

·         Finances: salaries, tithes, taxes, mortgage, fund raisers.

·         Staff: full/part time, volunteer.

·         Maintenance: building and grounds, vehicles.

·         Counseling: professional and amateur.

·         Purchases: buildings, vehicles, any and all related items.

And there you have it – allll most.

What about the losses?  The losses?

The intention of God is to bring people into His Body the Church and keep them; but some leave. Why?

Let’s list two causes:

·        Do not like lifestyle: return to their previous life, go to different religious group.

·        Hurt feelings/devalued(this is called the revolving door): insulting, badgering, raging, controlling people drove them away.

The revolving door syndrome has been acknowledged for decades with no active resolution; they are considered acceptable business losses. To address certain problems in life, one has to slow down and focus only on the problem and these people are called consultants, or experts.

If an organization of any size or type rejects the conclusions and suggestions of the consultants, nothing changes; which has been the case regarding people leaving church and/or God.

Organizations are fundamentally structured the same, whether churches, companies or agencies in that they all have a management, employees and a hierarchy. Management adheres to certain unwritten rules:

·        They support management and their staff.

·        They value their style and structure greater than employee losses.

Scripture differentiates a backslider (rebellious person) from an emotionally traumaed person. Rebellion has always been a societal thorn whether religious or secular.

Rebellion (
1. open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or ruler.
2. resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.

Trauma (
1.      an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.
2.    the psychological injury so caused, a powerful shock that may have long-lasting effects

A spiritually injured person should be Christianity’s burden of concern. Each human being has an autonomous will given to us by God. 

Autonomous (
1. self-governing; independent; subject to its own laws only.

2. having autonomy; not subject to control from outside; independent. 

We can choose our destiny and choose or accept the methods of achieving it but if we let our emotions disturb our logic, our decisions may be flawed and dangerous. I know people that turned away from God and any assembly because of actions or statements by thoughtless, inconsiderate people. They convicted Jesus and Christianity even though he was not involved and his philosophy clearly prohibits the wrongs.

Most of us will agree this topic can be discussed for several lifetimes. The point I emphasize is to get away from the offending parties, whether by association or distance; take time to heal, and then try forgiving but not trusting. Burn me once, your fault; burn me twice, my fault. I have forgiven people that I no longer trust and plan to avert the third burn.

Evil, bad and injurious people have existed and barring a mighty repentance and act of God, they continue to do what they will until they die. We cannot change them and God will not force them because even if some see their fault, they will often deny it as offensive or sinful.

As a male, husband and father, I am confounded when another male, in the same status, emotionally, physically or both abandon wife and children. Just as a bad Christian is a blot on other Christians, a derelict husband and father shames conscientious men.

Have you ever heard this question: “Why did God allow this?”? There are several variants but the fundamental question is the same, why did he versus why didn’t we. From the Beginning, God gave humanity the right to choose and with that privilege the responsibility. He will step in when asked but as any parent that gives their children the freedom to choose, they let them learn.

Let’s agree, for this discussion, that God is not at fault for most of the World’s problems. If you can agree and have been hurt by a catastrophic event or offended by a professing Christian, then give Jesus an opportunity to redeem you. Pray, get together with trusted Christian/Moral friends and attend an assembly you feel secure with. God may never answer the question but if you can let it go, you will benefit in this life and eternity.

Sometimes, it seems there are more bad people causing havoc than good people ensuring peace but this is opposite the truth.

Well, what do you think of the Church and the God that created and maintains it? Is either worth another try?

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