Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Path on Mother's Day

My family and friends have encouraged me for years to write. My wife and daughter beg me to write. Hopefully, this may relieve them of listening to me talk for hours about what I have learned that day.

Today seemed an appropriate time to start this new path. My wife's parents and mine have passed on. Mother's Day and Father's Day have new emotions that are refreshed each year. Our mothers were always encouraging us to press forward and try new activities. 

During the past ten years, Death has visited often reminding me Life can stop any moment. Each moment spent with my wife, family and close friends is more precious each day. Visiting, talking by phone or mail, seeing new pictures are items that could be the last ones we have.

Connye and I were at the lake this week checking on the house and such. Tuffie and I took a walk without his lease. He gains freedom in the woods he doesn't experience in our neighborhood at home. I noticed several trees had been cut down and mentioned that to Connye.

The next morning we were having breakfast and heard a loud metallic scraping noise. The noise was a 70 foot tall Pine tree falling and hitting our neighbor's utility shed. They are active and usually outside cooking or working in the yard. The top landed between their house and the shed with the left branches covering their yard and the right ones breaking off on the shed and taking down their power pole.

The owners observed if the trees had not been removed the previous week, they would have directed the downed tree on top of their home.
No one was hurt.

Connye and I discussed how quickly a regular day doing common things can change in a breath. Her dad sat down to dinner, two years ago, and choked on a piece of food. He died in minutes at the dining table in front of his wife and son.

Life can change our routines and schedules. Those flowers or Thank You cards we intended to give. The kind words we intended to say. The hug or handshake we thought about the last time we met a friend or loved one.

Mother's Day is a great day to start anew again.

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