Monday, February 17, 2014

The Following Is Not An Advertisement. It IS A Wake-Up Call.

Excerpt from the book: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Moss, Michael (2013-02-26).

[Now, they had to grow their profits every ninety days. The result was that food companies had to seek new ways to market their foods. And they did that by making larger portions, by making food available absolutely everywhere, by making food as convenient as it could be, and by creating a social environment in which it was okay to eat all day long, in more places, in larger portions.”

Moss, Michael (2013-02-26). Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us (p. 338). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.]

Several doctors advised me to correct my diet, as my health parameters exceeded their limits. Occasionally, I would find a book or attend a seminar about foods and marketing and how the stores were mapped to control what we purchase and how much.

Walking through any grocery store confirmed the mapping information. One doctor, recently, really emphasized I read about processed foods and, of course, he recommended a book. I read it but the author seemed more concerned selling his miracle cures which turned me off to the truths being exposed.

Several weeks ago, I overheard another author speaking of the processed food industry and his intent sounded more sincere. I ordered and finished reading, “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Moss, Michael (2013-02-26).  I mentioned the book and contents during my reading and having finished am struck by the severity of the information.

We, the public, are commodities to the Food Processing Companies and are negative health issues are simply put – collateral damage – to be accepted as part of any profit making business. In my opinion, Michael Moss, has maintained an honest objectivity about a potentially very emotional process and outcome.

As a practicing Christian, my primary duty is to live correctly.

Note: Allow me to deviate for a comment.

Christianity is a lifestyle.

Holiness is a lifestyle.

Christianity and Holiness IS how we dress, speak, think, EAT, entertain, act. Christianity and Holiness IS balance and self-discipline.

As a practicing Christian,  part of my responsibility is to inform people of a better way to live leading to the better of one of two eternal living locations. Within this process are the choices of maintaining my physical health through choices of diet and exercise.

If I choose to abuse diet for pleasure, this affects my emotional, physical and spiritual lifestyle – to the negative. BUT, if my choices appear wise and the results are still negative, then something else is at work, hence the book, I read and recommend. If you are a confessed practicing Christian, I strongly suggest you must read this book, for your sake, your children’s, your friends, and future friends.

Social Media is flooded with dire concerns about Government over regulation, Police Organizations over reach and such, while our health is being aggressively, ruthlessly, systematically and intentionally destroyed by companies touting family values. They ply us with their multimillion dollar designed and expertly presented commercials appealing to our sense of being and family care.

Many such organizations, companies, behaviors are not going away without the return of God as absolute reigning monarch but we can modify our behavior and move our money to items providing more balanced health and nutrition. My wife and I have renewed our label reading efforts to accept or reject foods presented.

We are all going to die and my preference is to live until then, with as little medicine as possible and the best health I can affect. I absolutely DESPISE being negatively manipulated for someone’s gain.

BTW: If you are not Christian but desire a healthy lifestyle and prefer to know what you are eating, I strongly suggest you read this book, think about its premise, enjoy a fuller life and tell your friends. 

PS: I do not gain any material benefits from recommending this book but my conscience feels relieved


Gary L. Ware

Make Today A Great Day!


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