Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Feel The Joy, Already!!!

Psa 37:23  The steps of a man are established by Jehovah, and he delighteth in his way:

Psa 37:24  though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for Jehovah upholdeth his hand.

Psa 37:25  I have been young, and now am old, and I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed seeking bread:

Psa 37:34  Wait for Jehovah, and keep his way, and he will exalt thee to possess the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it .

Psa 37:37  Mark the perfect, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace;

Psa 37:39  But the salvation of the righteous is of Jehovah: he is their strength in the time of trouble.

Psa 37:40  And Jehovah will help them and deliver them: he will deliver them from the wicked, and save them; for they trust in him.

I am 67 years old and have experienced extreme positive and negatives because of personal decisions and because life is like this. The previous scriptures were once just words in a book but gradually gained life and credibility as I experienced them.

During those times, I have had the “fortune” to listen to self-righteous insecure people proclaim their goodness and perfection as “others” attended the school of hard knocks. You may have experience this same “privilege” also. Occasionally, I have experienced the pleasure of seeing behind the scenes to hear and see the desperate struggles of those “privileged ones”.

My goal, here, is to encourage you to stay faithful to God, yourself, your family and friends and:

·       Eventually that rich fertile valley will be yours,

·       You will visit the resorts of mountain tops to see unparalleled beauty without limit,

·       You will enjoy the serenity of knowing you and your family are taken care of.

Faithful, good people have experienced darkness lasting decades before their dawn came but it did come. Always remind yourself, there is a rich fertile land after the desert, a bright morning after the night.

I thought I knew what the terms “faithful people” or “perfect life” meant but as I age, my understanding of those terms changed and truer definitions gained value with me. I know faithful people and a faithful God and, for me, this makes a perfect life.

The challenges and fears I am experiencing now will make great testimonies in my future as God restores my name and reputation. Ummmmm, I feel the joy already.
Bless your day and life, then enjoy both.

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